• ACME Archives San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Exclusives

      Acme will be hosting an Entertainment Art panel on Thursday at 11:00-12:00 in Room 32AB. Brian Rood will do a painting demonstration. The Acme Crew, Steven Daily, Jerry VanderStelt and Steve Carrasco from Disney will comprise the panel.

      (please note these are only available at Comic-Con and may have limited availability)
      limit 1 per badge
      “Darth Maul Character Key
      500 piece edition, $35.00
      From the continued line of Acme Archives’ Star Wars: Animated Character Keys,
      comes this first installment from the Prequel Universe.

      Star Wars Visions Limited Edition Lithograph
      18″ x 24″ 300 piece signed edition, $50.00

      “Empire of Style”
      by legendary artist Alex Ross

      Halo Fine Art Print
      “Let’s Rock!”
      by Eddie Jones
      9″ x 16″ 100 piece signed edition, $75.00
      Concept Art from the popular Halo Franchise

      The Muppet Show: It’s Not Easy Being Green Variant
      Disney Underground Silkscreen Print by Dave Perillo
      18″ x 24″ 100 piece signed edition, $50.00

      Disney Underground Limited Edition Lithograph
      “Steamship Mickey”
      by Steven Daily
      11″ x 14″ 200 piece signed edition, $34.00

      Futurama Limited Edition Lithograph
      “Futurama Kicks Ass”
      18″ x 24″ 300 piece signed edition, $40.00
      25 pieces in the edition are signed by Matt Groening
      edition will be sold in blind packs due to the
      limited availability of the signature

      (Subject to change)

      Steven Daily- 2:00PM
      Eric Tan – TBA
      Disney/Pixar & Lucasfilm Artist
      Disney Artist
      Peter Ferk – 2:00PM
      Character Key Artist
      Peter Ferk and Christian Waggoner will be doing live art demonstrations at the booth Wednesday through Sunday
      Buy the hottest collectibles from: BigBadToyStore.com and BriansToys.com.

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