• Star Wars: The Old Republic Collectors Set

      Here are the details for the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Rebublic Collectors Set that includes a lot of cool goodies!

      Explore an age thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader when war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire divides the galaxy. Choose your class from a variety of classic Star Wars roles including Jedi Knight, Bounty Hunter, and Smuggler. Make decisions which define your personal story and determine your path down the light or dark side of the Force. Along the way you will befriend courageous companions who will fight at your side. Together, you will battle enemies in dynamic Star Wars combat, team up with other players to overcome incredible challenges and discover the wonders of the Star Wars galaxy in a fully-featured Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

      Limited Collector's Edition Features

      • Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
      • Star Wars: The Old Republic game disks in collectible metal case
      • The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural annotated by Satele Shan
      • Star Wars: The Old Republic galaxy map
      • Custom Security Authentication Key
      • Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
      • High-quality Collector's Edition box

      Limited Collector's Edition - Seven Additional Digital Items

      • Flare Gun: Fire flares into the air
      • Training Droid: Hovers at your side for combat assistance
      • HoloDancer: Project your own holographic dancer
      • HoloCam: Keep visual records of in-game adventures
      • STAP: Sleek and unique in-game vehicle
      • Exclusive Mouse Droid: Spunky Droid to join your adventure
      • Exclusive Collector's Edition Store: Unique in-game vendor with an assortment of items

      Pre-order yours now from Amazon.com
      Buy the hottest collectibles from: BigBadToyStore.com and BriansToys.com.

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      1. El Chuxter's Avatar
        El Chuxter -
        I'm not an avid gamer and avoid MMO's, but the STAP and Moise Droid existed thousands of years before Vader and still seemed to be cutting-edge at the Battle of Naboo? Darth Vader might want to check with his lawyer. I think this Darth Malgus is itching for a copyright infringement suit.
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