• Hasbro Questions from Other Sites for Aug 9th, 2011

      Attachment 25321 Here's a list of other site's questions Hasbro answered for the week of August 9th, 2011. Don't forget to check out our Q&A as well. And if you know of any other questions we've missed, drop me a line and let me know.

      BanthaSkull.com: Now that you have updated molds of the Tantive rebel, Hoth rebel, and Endor rebel… is there any chance that you will roduce battle packs that contain 3-4 rebels with different heads and accessories for each, like you had produced several times for the GI Joe line awhile ago?
      Hasbro: This is not currently planned but it is a great troop building idea.

      BanthaSkull.com: The ranks of Endor Commandos have been growing nicely since 2002 with the current Vintage Collection offering being the standard bearer. Have you looked into making a figure of Corporal Dansra Beezer? She would allow us to up the girl power of our Endor Corps and would look great on the deck of the Sail Barge “you aren’t producing” (as would just about any figure ever made, even ones not from Star Wars.)
      Hasbro: Interesting thought but not currently in any line-up.

      ImperialShipyards.net: Will "minor" supporting characters who were released as POTF2/POTJ sculpts be revisited with the vastly improved Legends/Vintage line articulation? Primary candidates for this treatment would be Lobot (ESB), Sio Bibble (TPM), Garindan (ANH), Naboo Security (guards and officer; TPM), Ayy Vida (AotC), and numerous others.
      Hasbro: Thanks for the suggestions…Lobot is a definite possibility for the line.

      ImperialShipyards.net: Since now there is a correct paint app version of commander colt, are you planning on re-releasing the arc troopers battle pack with this more correct version or is a 4 figure battle pack too much to ask for in a future release?
      Hasbro: We've added this to our list of potentials…thanks for the idea.

      JediDefender.com: The Deluxe Figure w/Vehicle assortment has taken an interesting turn, and we're curious if this means that this line will now focus on these unique original designs, or are you still going to use the Deluxe line as a vessel to get small Cartoon and Movie vehicles out to retail just as much as you did before? The original designs are awesome though, and it'd be great to see what new Original Trilogy designs your team could come up with (Nudge Nudge)!
      Hasbro: Through 2012 the new designs will be original and based on the Clone Wars animation.

      JediDefender.com: What are the chances that the new Fleet Trooper, Echo Base Trooper, or Endor Rebel Trooper will turn up in future multi-packs or other sets, with possible head variations? People are always anxious for diversity in their Rebel army biulders, and that Endor Rebel has lots of uniform variations to try too (no facial hair, please). Can you tell we really appreciated your efforts to get the Hoth Rebel head/hat variant out to retail? Well we did, thanks!
      Hasbro: This is not currently planned but it is a great troop building idea.

      JediNews.co.uk: The San Diego Comic Con Preview is now on and there's lots of new products on show - can you tell us which of these 2011 products we'll see in the UK?
      Hasbro: The following items are expected to be available in the UK: -
      Mandalorian Gunship
      Mail-away Prototype Armor Boba Fett (To be determined)
      Jedi Force Line
      Vintage Packaged Landspeeder
      Vintage Packaged Luke’s Tauntaun
      Vintage Packaged B-wing
      Vintage Packaged Y-wing
      The Force Unleashed and Republic Commando 5 Packs (To be determined)
      Trench Run Pack

      JediNews.co.uk: The San Diego Comic Con Panel revealed a new wave of Episode I figures that will be exclusive to Walmart. There seems to be some confusion as to how these figures will be packaged (The Vintage Collection or on Darth Maul like cards) and also if these will be available in the UK - please could you clarify?
      Hasbro: The Vintage Wave 1 of 2012 revealed in San Diego will not be exclusive to Walmart. These figures (Darth Maul, Daultay, Quinlan Vos, etc.) will be available in [the]mainline in Vintage packaging. They should be available in the UK.

      JediTempleArchives.com: The Vintage Collection Episode II Clone Trooper (VC45) is a great action figure that was initially criticized by many, but now it is really growing on even more collectors. It’s actually an excellent sculpt with just a few minor issues (barely worth commenting on honestly). What we would like to know is how far off are we from seeing the captain, commander, lieutenant and sergeant getting updates with this sculpt? And if/when you did update the clone officers, would you be able to squeeze them into The Vintage Collection or would they be relegated to Saga Legends like they were for the 30 (77-07)line?
      Hasbro: Yes, one of these is planned for 2012!

      JediTempleArchives.com: Kit Fisto from the Attack Of The Clones wave in The Vintage Collection is one of the greatest action figures you have ever made for the basic figure line. Despite its flawless execution, you somehow erroneously put him on an Attack Of The Clone card back. The figure you created was based on his likeness in Revenge Of The Sith and NOT Attack Of The Clones, an error that many other licensees have a difficult time getting right too. Will Kit Fisto ever see correction like you have already done with some of the figure like the Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture) figure?
      Hasbro: Good catch! Yes, we noticed this error and corrected it during production as a running change.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: Dealers are reporting that the wave with Bespin Han, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Bom Vimdin, etc has been cancelled for Germany. We've been waiting a long time for a good Bespin Han and a super-articulated Rebel Fleet Trooper. These are the figures that collectors in Germany are searching for, yet now these figures seem to be slipping out of our fingers. Will we ever see these figures in Germany? Would it be possible for you to re-evaluate the German market to see that film figures are what people really want? Would it be possible for you to go back to solid cases in Germany? This would increase your sales dramatically. We have enough ROTS Obi-Wans and Anakins and ROTS Clone Troopers hanging on the pegs all over the place. As a collector in Germany, I can say that Hasbro can't make my world smile.
      Hasbro: The following 2011 Vintage figures will be re-released in 2012 and are expected to be available in Germany (and North America): Aayla Secura, Nom Anor, 501st Clone Trooper, Kithaba, Dr. Evazan, Naboo Pilot, Mawhonic, Aurra Sing, Wedge, Gungan Warrior, Bariss, Bespin Han, Bom Vindin, ARC Trooper Commander, Logray, Gamorrean Guard and Rebel Fleet Trooper.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: A Star Wars fan website recently reported that the Camie & Fixer Exclusive Comic Pack is being sold at a Canadian chain for under $10. This pack was never officially brought out in Germany (maybe never even offered to the German market) and collectors had to pay prices well over $50 per set to get it from the US. Germany seems to be a market dominated more by collectors and mostly OT fans, yet this comic pack, which would have been perfect for the German market could not be bought here. Would it be possible the next time that such collector-oriented packs be offered outside of the US or if you have too many left over you ship them here as well?
      Hasbro: This is certainly something we can look at in the future.

      Mousedroid.com: With the imminent release of 'The Old Republic', will there be any more 'Knights of the Old Republic' figures? Specifically, how about releasing HK-47 (and HK-50) figures as a single-pack instead of the Build-A-Droid system? What are the chances of seeing other KotOR figures such as Jolee Bindo etc?
      Hasbro: If we were to develop video game based items our focus would be on the new The Old Republic MMO.

      Mousedroid.com: Although I'm mainly a movie / comic based collector, I've been really enjoying some of 'The Clone Wars' figures you've been releasing to date - & the line itself is great. However, there seems to be a lack of variety in the astromech area in terms of different models / shapes etc. My question is, will you be releasing any R5 type droids in this line in future?
      Hasbro: There are no R5 droids planned, but we’ve given it serious thought. The pirate R5 with his blaster would be at the top of our list.

      Rebelscum.com: Awesome work on the Force FX lightsaber line with removable blades. Any chance we'll be getting a Palpatine/Sidious lightsaber? What about new removable versions for previously released lightsabers like Dooku, Luke ROTJ, or Yoda? And have you guys considered plaques/stands that state whose specific lightsaber it is?
      Hasbro: Thanks for the complement. No, there are no plans at this time for these versions.

      Rebelscum.com: Hasbro Toy Shop has recently begun selling Vintage Star Wars figures by the case and not offering sale of individual figures. This does not conform to the buying patterns of kids or collectors and is typically only a wholesaler's option which puts individual consumers at a disadvantage. IS this going to be a continuing trend?
      Hasbro: No, figures should be available both by case and individually.

      SnowTroopers.ca: As someone who collects many, MANY Hasbro figures (spanning from SW to GI Joe to MarvelU) I give you guys a lot of my money. An embarassing amount I'm afraid to say, but well worth it. Hasbro comes up with a lot of great, desirable heroes and army builders every year. The real problem as I'm sure many collectors will attest to, is actually being able to buy the figures we want, because availability and distribution has been a nightmare for the past few years. I've never been an ebay buyer of your toys until these last 6 months when I just had to admit that I was spending too much time doing toyruns with few satisfactory results. Yet I'd still rather buy my toys from retailers where I can inspect the quality first hand and just have that nice surprise of coming into a store and seeing a sought-after figure hanging on the pegs.
      Even though we are living in an age where toy manufacturers can talk directly to their most passionate customers and gauge just how much in-demand a given figure will be (so that it won't come as a surprise when we want to army build Rebel Fleet Troopers or Gammorean Guards by the dozen, and totally skip clonetroopers with fat yellow helmets and the millionth release of the Sandtrooper) it feels as though the figure selection for cases and toy distribution are still in the stone ages. When we can't find what we want at retail, we often order a case online for a given wave but wind up stuck with Vader or some other carryforward figure we already own multiples of.
      What many of us want to know is whether someone high up at Hasbro is working on a solution to this ongoing frustration, being able to predict in advance what will be pegwarmers (by polling us in some sophisticated way), perhaps finding a new distribution model that is somewhere between ebay and retail where we can directly get multiples of army builders (I'd rather give you my money than scalpers), or at least offering cases without figures that might be popular at retail (Vader) but not with online retailers from who collectors often purchase from. It's genuinely depressing when I go to the forums and see how many fans are genuinely afraid that the TVC line might be cancelled due to an inability to get product to shelves. What we need to know is if Hasbro is doing concrete things that will evolve the toy distribution model - the complaint I noticed on the forums only a few nights ago was that simply hearing "We're working on it" only garners a cynical skeptical response. I hope Hasbro understands that we want to help in whatever way possible to improve your various toy lines to reduce pegwarming and scalping, and in turn, make our own collecting lives easier and more affordable.
      Hasbro: The Vintage Collection inventory situation is showing improvement partly due to programs developed with our key retailers. We soak up all the insights we can from the output of the extensive fan polls and that guides a great deal of our character selections. We are constantly revising our forecasts based on retail performance.

      SnowTroopers.ca: Do you consider the TRU "Battle over Endor" pilot/army builder packs to be successful enough to warrant more such packs in the future? This has been a great way to both army build and give us minor minor characters that otherwise would not see single-carded release, and obviously uses existing tooling. I'm thinking in particular that now you have super-articulated tooling for the Rebel Fleet Trooper, Yavin Ceremony Guard, Mon Calamari/Ackbar, Hoth rebel, Rebel Yavin Ground Crew, and Endor Rebel, that Hasbro could easily make a killing by annually releasing new troop builder packs for the rebels, with new versions created simply by offering new headsculpts, different ethnicities, paint deco, etc. You could even mix in some ewoks next to Endor rebels to satisfy the Ewok army builders. Oh, and please give the Rebel Fleet Trooper a HOLSTER in future releases
      Hasbro: Great idea - we are in the process of evaluating additional packs for 2012.

      SWcollector.com: Articulation in THE CLONE WARS line seems sort of scattershot these days. Some figures get ball-jointed everything, right down to wrists and ankles. Others are lucky to even get knee joints. How is articulation decided between X number of new figures in a wave?
      Hasbro: We strive to find the right balance between function, aesthetics and cost. In general, articulation in the kid-targeted Clone Wars figures is tailored around the specific figure's accessory or feature. Rather than saying "x number of figures in this wave should have x articulation," we look at each figure individually and assess which points of articulation are needed for the optimal play.

      SWcollector.com: One of the few action-oriented Prequel females is Geonosis Arena Padme. Any chance of revisiting her for AOTC's 3D release?
      Hasbro: Yes, we would absolutely consider an Ep II Padme in the future.

      Yakface.com: I, and many collectors, have noticed a curious change to the Vintage Collection, Saga Legends and Clone Wars packaging – all of the UK safety icons and international language has been dropped. What does this mean for collectors in those markets? Will they get unique packaging to their country or worse, does this mean they will no longer be getting Star Wars merchandise?
      Hasbro: These changes are due to regulatory updates affecting the industry. It should not affect product availability.

      Yakface.com: Although it may smell bad, are there plans for a split open belly version of the new Tauntaun? You don’t want Luke to freeze to death do you?
      Hasbro: Not at the moment, but we would love a scratch and sniff open belly Taun Taun.
      - -
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      1. El Chuxter's Avatar
        El Chuxter -
        Could they have missed the point of JediNews' question about the Wal-Mart exclusive wave any more than they did? The way they presented it at Comic-Con was a bit confusing, and their "answer" was about something completely different that there was no question about!

        Nice boilerplate doublespeak corporate-talk answer to SandTroopers' direct question about distribution and case assortments. We're not quite in the realm of the useless GIJoe and Transformers Q&A's, but these last few have been a real step backwards.
      1. Mr. JabbaJohnL's Avatar
        Mr. JabbaJohnL -
        Imperial Shipyards' Q&A link goes to their first round from 2008, which was re-pasted here. Here are the actual questions and answers: 1) Will "minor" supporting characters who were released as POTF2/POTJ sculpts be revisited with the vastly improved Legends/Vintage line articulation? Primary candidates for this treatment would be Lobot (ESB), Sio Bibble (TPM), Garindan (ANH), Naboo Security (guards and officer; TPM), Ayy Vida (AotC), and numerous others. Thanks for the suggestions…Lobot is a definite possibility for the line. 2) Since now there is a correct paint app version of commander colt, are you planning on re-releasing the arc troopers battle pack with this more correct version or is a 4 figure battle pack too much to ask for in a future release? We've added this to our list of potentials…thanks for the idea.
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Thanks for the catch on IS's questions. I have corrected it. Neither answer affects what we have in Q&A voting thankfully.
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