• Sideshow's 12-inch Commander Bly Shipping Soon - UPDATE 2, Processing

      Attachment 25338 Collectors who preordered Sideshow's 12-inch Commander Bly Clone Trooper figure back in April are starting to receive their 15 day notice emails warning them about processing and shipping. SSC says that all info changes or cancellations need to come in by Wednesday, September 7th, as that's the date they'll be charging cards and getting the figure ready to ship.

      Thankfully, while writing this very article, I realized I myself need to change something in both my billing and shipping addresses, the first time I've ever needed to do that in all 6 years of my collecting Sideshow Star Wars. So make sure your details are all up to date, and prepare for some Cmdr Bly awesomeness in the next few weeks.

      Oh, and if you're wondering, the non-exclusive version of Cmdr Bly is still available for preorder at SideshowToy.com!

      UPDATE, Aug 29th: Sideshow has just sent out a second notice - 6 days after the first one - regarding Cmdr Bly being delayed for an indeterminate amount of time. In Sideshow's words...

      Thank you for your pre-order of the Commander Bly 12-inch Figure! This email is to notify you that this Star Wars collectible has been delayed in production and will not be arriving into our warehouse in early September 2011 as anticipated; therefore, please disregard any ‘Item Arrival’ email that you may have received on August 23rd for this item.

      Once we receive confirmation that the item is on the way to our warehouse, we will send out our standard ‘Item Arrival’ and ‘Processing Alert’ emails to let customers know when processing will begin.

      Not my favorite type of news, but at least this gives more time for folks who wanted to preorder this figure to get in on the excitement. Hopefully the delay won't take too long. We'll keep you up to date on any more changes that might arise on the shipping status of Sideshow's 12-inch Commander Bly.

      UPDATE 2, Sept 7th: Sideshow has just sent out a third notice - 9 days after that last one, and thus 17 after the first one - about Commander Bly being no longer delayed. Bly will be processing on the 16th, but if you want the figure now, you can email Sideshow to have it process and ship now. Here's the email's main contents...

      Dear Valued Collector,

      We will begin processing all orders for this item on September 16, 2011. We ask that you have the funds available on your credit card by this date to ensure the successful processing and shipment of your order.

      If you would like to receive your shipment early, we can process your order now – please email your request directly to Jeff Dean at Jeff.Dean@SideshowCollectibles.com and include your Name, Order Number, and subject line “BLY” in your email request! Please find your specific “T” or “P” Order Number in your online account before contacting Jeff via email.

      So, should this prove true, at least it will have been a relatively short delay, if one at all, for 12-inch Commander Bly.
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      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        I emailed Sideshow to ship mine right now!
      1. jedibear's Avatar
        jedibear -
        Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
        I emailed Sideshow to ship mine right now!
        Me too!
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Right on! Mine just got shipping confirmation, which means it'll be at my place in the next day or so with any luck. I had a frustrating thing this morning, they ran my card and then it turns out their policy is to ship to the billing address, but I had just changed it to my new home address (as I mentioned in the article) and they don't allow that unless it's a workplace, so they were going to void my order unless I contacted them within a week.
      1. jedibear's Avatar
        jedibear -
        Lucky guy. I haven't heard a word. And I sent a MO early after the first "shipping notice" and received confirmation that they got it. Oh well...there's always next week I guess.
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Quote Originally Posted by jedibear View Post
        Lucky guy. I haven't heard a word. And I sent a MO early after the first "shipping notice" and received confirmation that they got it. Oh well...there's always next week I guess.
        I strongly suggest you call them on the phone right now. They are good people about such things, and you deserve your shipment.

        Mine is nearly here, it's out for delivery.
      1. jedibear's Avatar
        jedibear -
        Guess they heard me after all...Bly will up my way (washed-out roads notwithstanding) on Friday!
        I see yours has shown up, JT...lemme read that review...
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