• Gentle Giant 'The Clone Wars' AT-RT Maquette Web Exclusive

      Gentle Giant is proud to announce that the most impressive and largest Clone Wars maquette we have offered to date, comes as an exclusive item to Gentlegiantltd.com!

      Here comes the AT-RT (All Terrain Recon Transport). Primarily known for it’s speed, but boasting a nose-mounted repeating blaster cannon that makes it a formidable anti-infantry threat. This one-man bipedal walker was often deployed by the Galactic Army for scouting, reconnaissance, patrolling and quick strikes in difficult terrain on desolate planets and distant battlefields alike.

      Hand painted in “Lightning Squad” colors and piloted by ARF Trooper Razor, this walker stands roughly 15” tall. Accurately detailed and built from digital animation models. The AT-RT towers high but is in scale with all the other Gentle Giant Clone Wars maquettes. The AT-RT’s honeycomb base allows for stand-alone display or fits a procession of accompanying Trooper maquettes to it’s left and right flanks!

      Exclusively available through Gentlegiantltd.com, this short run limited edition is made of durable coldcast Polystone and finely finished metal parts. Each piece is hand painted to strict paint master guidelines, then individually numbered and packed with a matching certificate of authenticity.
      Buy the hottest collectibles from: BigBadToyStore.com and BriansToys.com.

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      What Have YOU Done?

      Two weeks ago I ran a 3:07.42 in a marathon which qualified me for the Boston Marathon.

      JimJamBonds 1 Minute Ago Go to last post


      Run The World by Becky Wade. Wade (now a pro runner) received a scholarship to travel the world (had to stay outside the US) for a year and traveled

      JimJamBonds 10 Minutes Ago Go to last post

      How is the weather by you today?

      Sun, low to mid 50's not too much wind. Not too shabby.

      JimJamBonds 16 Minutes Ago Go to last post

      How did you spend your Saturday?

      A few Saturday's have past since I've last posted so I'll choose my most interesting Saturday (2 weeks ago). Got up early and flew to Albany, Ny but

      JimJamBonds 16 Minutes Ago Go to last post

      Oh My Goodness!!

      Had a couple of drops which got it to $2.179.

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      figrin bran

      Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - 6" Black Series (Spoilers)

      I can't believe K2-SO doesn't come with a blaster! I liked how it turned out but a part of me wishes that the 6" IG-88 could have been as good

      figrin bran 22 Minutes Ago Go to last post
      figrin bran

      Transformers: Energon & Beyond

      Glad you got Scourge, Chux. I really like him as well.

      After that one sighting I had at Target of wave 2 TR deluxes, I haven't seen

      figrin bran 27 Minutes Ago Go to last post

      Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

      Wow, what a season so far. Multiple blindsides and surprises, medical emergencies, and a typhoon!

      At this point, I don't have a favorite

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      Mad Slanted Powers

      Oh My Goodness!!

      Friday I paid $2.349 after my 15 cent discount at Fred Meyer.

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      Oh My Goodness!!

      Yesterday... $2.42 was the price I paid. Now, I drove to Costco, sort-of far away. Oh, I believe, refueled yesterday.

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