• Hasbro's September Q&A Canceled

      Attachment 25517We've just received word from Hasbro that the questions we sent them back on September 16th will not be answered, as Hasbro has scuttled that entire round of Q&A. Hasbro sent word hours after the submission deadline for the October round, so we couldn't redirect the previous questions back. Here's how Hasbro puts it:

      Thank you for your continued participation in Hasbro's Star Wars Q&A program. Hasbro understands that you've been waiting patiently for your outlet's responses from the team for this last round of the Q&A dating back to September 16, and it's appreciated. Following Hasbro's fun and exciting debut at New York Comic Con this past weekend, which included a successful Hasbro Star Wars panel, the team has decided to forgo the current Q&A round and focus on the next round.

      Hasbro apologizes for the last-minute notification and hopes that you'll submit questions for the next round.

      Obviously, we are still participating in Q&A, so we'll be reinserting our questions from September back into the Q&A voting thread so that you, the readers, can decide if we should resubmit them next month or not.
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      Bill Paxton dead at 61. Apparently complications from surgery.

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      What are you listening to? (merged)

      I've heard two "blue" songs that I like today, that I rarely hear over the airwaves: "Midnight Blue" by Lou Graham and "Electric

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      3 3/4" figures Rogue One

      Found the Jedha revolt pack at my local Meijer this morning. This set makes me wish Hasblow didn't cheap out with the articulation. Would've been great

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      The Force Awakens Micro Machines!!!

      Ha! That's a good one. Great photography too, were it not for the wrist articulation I was buying it as full scale.

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      Transformers: Energon & Beyond

      Spotted Sixshot, Voyager Optimus, and Voyager Megatron at Target yesterday. What a motley crew.

      Megatron's stickers ruined that figure for

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      L.A. area Just Found

      Target West LA had a single Transformers Titans Return Sixshot, Voyager Optimus Prime, and Voyager Megatron. I left 'em all.

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      RIP....The Official Dead Thread

      Alan Colmes, liberal political commentator.

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      Darth Carlos

      The Force Awakens Micro Machines!!!

      I saw this pic on instagram. You microfig collectors should appreciate it.

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      Power Play! NHL 13-14 (and beyond?)

      Dang! Penguins are the only 200+ goal scoring team and have the 3rd-best record in the NHL and would have a 5-10 point lead over any of the other divisions,

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      Transformers: Energon & Beyond

      Looking at the official photos vs the toy fair display, I'm not so sure that G2 Prime will look as bland in person. I realized that the black background

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