• Hasbro Questions from Other Sites for Nov 11th, 2011

      Attachment 25619Here's a list of other site's questions Hasbro answered for the week of November 11th, 2011. Don't forget to check out our Q&A as well. And if you know of any other questions we've missed, drop me a line and let me know.

      16bit.com: Are there plans for a Clone Wars-themed Mail-In in 2012? (Yes or no would be great if you can't give hints!)
      Hasbro: Not at this time.

      16bit.com: Will any of the "Movie Heroes" features (light-up weapons, slashing actions) be added to the Clone Wars line?
      Hasbro: Not at this time.

      BanthaSkull.com: We very much appreciate you sending your representatives to purge pegwarmers from retailers. Unfortunately, it appears only the sales floors were impacted, while backrooms and the distribution pipeline were still full of Sandtroopers & ROTS Clones and Wave 5. We have personally witnessed one high volume Target store which was replenished with a single case of Wave 5 on 10/6 and, as of the time of this submission (10/21), only the Grievous has sold. Wave 5 (which appears to not be particularly popular) has been in constant rotation since January. Is there any chance we can get the reps to do a second pull to clear some of more of this product? We fear that while the problem was addressed, it was not solved.
      Hasbro: The figure pull occurred at both retail and in our warehouses. We are continuing to evaluate inventory at retail and if additional action is required in store we always have the option to take further steps to weed out the peg warmers.

      BanthaSkull.com: We don’t hate Jar Jar. Sure, we’ve had our differences, but I think we’ve come to an understanding over the last 12 years. So why aren’t we getting the chance to bury the hatchet and add a Jar Jar to our collection that meets the current sculpting and scale standards? The Movie Hero version isn’t going to cut it for a main character. Will a Vintage-quality Jar Jar be released in the Vintage line next year? My collection will not be complete without his ridiculous grin staring at me from a vintage card where he belongs. We look forward to pushing him off the deck of your upcoming Sail Barge into the Pit of Carkoon.
      Hasbro: Yes, Jar Jar is planned to be a single carded figure in the 2012 Vintage Collection toward the end of the year.

      EchoBaseForums.com: Two new vehicles for Fall 2011, the AV-7 Clone Trooper cannon and the Mandolorian Gunship, have been in very short supply. Can we expect to see these vehicles released in greater quantities before the Phantom Menace line takes over?
      Hasbro: Yes, both of these vehicles will continue to be available in greater supply until 2012.

      EchoBaseForums.com: One item that was shown at San Diego Comic Con, but was oddly absent from the New York Comic Con, was the Battlefields of Naboo pack. Is this set still slated for a January release?
      Hasbro: This exclusive pack was unable to find a retailer home for 2012. But it's something we can keep on the back burner for the future.

      GalacticHunter.com: At Comic-Con, we asked for an update about the "Mini-Rigs" of Clone Wars Boba Fett's Speeder Bike and the mini Republic Attack Shuttle, and we were assured they were coming. No new assortments have been listed, and no news has appeared-- can we get an update on these two?
      Hasbro: At New York Comic-Con we confirmed that these vehicles were no longer in the line.

      GalacticHunter.com: Have any other items fallen off schedule and are in limbo since Toy Fair 2011?
      Hasbro: We do not believe so.

      ImperialShipyards.net: With the recent images released at NYCC 2011, if Darth Malgus is in fact going to be released as an action figure in TVC line, will you also, or are you considering releasing his vehicle to acompany such a highlly anticipated release of a figure? (Images provided of his vehicle, " Sith Fury Class Imperial Interceptor ")
      Hasbro: No, his vehicle is currently not in the plan.

      ImperialShipyards.net: With all the great astromech molds we were given years ago why are new astro's being released with the inferior BAD parts? To follow up is there any reason for the lower hole in each side of the body?
      Hasbro: We believe the BAD parts add an additional level of play to the line. The lower holes allow for more creative BAD play.

      JediDefender.com: January 30th was mentioned as a "launch date" for the new products you were revealing at New York Comic Con last weekend. We were curious if this will be considered a "soft launch", just as a recommendation to retailers, or is January 30th a hard launch date where you don't want any of these items out at retail till that date arrives, no exceptions?
      Hasbro: January 30th, 2012 is considered a hard set date and ideally product should not hit shelves prior to that date.

      JediDefender.com: There is some discrepency among collectors over the cardback details on some of the re-release figures you're bringing back in 2012 like the Gamorrean Guards, Wedge, Fleet Trooper and others. Are these figures going to feature the same cardbacks they had in 2010/2011, or will these figures have the new, more "retro" 2012 cardback? And while we're talking re-releases, we really were curious if the new Echo base Trooper will also be making a return in 2012 because he's such a great figure, we'd hate to see him buried at the end of the 2011 line, never to be seen again!
      Hasbro: The re-released figures will have their original 2011 cardbacks. However, there will be some minor changes due to updated legal and regulatory information. The Echo Base trooper is not planned for a 2012 re-release at this time.

      JediNews.co.uk: There were lots of amazing products revealed at New York Comic Con, please can you tell us which will be coming to the UK and if they’re exclusive then where?
      Hasbro: Movie Heroes Figure Line (24 figures) - All of this assortment should be at retail.
      Discover the Force 3D 3¾” Figure Line – will this be at ASDA\Wal-Mart in the UK? - Yes
      Discover the Force 3D Battle Packs\Vehicles – Mos Espa Arena, Royal Starship Droids, Dewback and Vulture Droid - Yes at ASDA
      3¾” Figure Two Packs – Yes, these should be available at Tesco.
      Pod Racer Pilot Pack – Yes, but the precise retailer is still TBD.
      Class I Fleet Vehicles – Yes
      Class II Attack Vehicles – Yes
      New Clone Wars Figures – Yes
      3¾” Battle Packs – Yes
      The Vintage Collection Figures (all waves) – Yes
      Vintage Class II Attack Vehicles – Yes
      Titanium Series –Yes
      Role Play Electronic Helmets/Masks and Lightsabres – Yes
      Fighter Pods – Yes

      JediNews.co.uk: When will we learn more about the White Prototype Boba Fett Redemption Program in the UK?
      Hasbro: The Prototype White Boba Fett Figure will be available via redemption with a purchase of any 4 figures from Hasbro's Star Wars action figure collections at Toys 'R' Us stores between October 29th 2011 and December 4th 2011.

      JediTempleArchives.com: Your presentation at NYCC was excellent and although we were really itching to see more of what’s up your sleeve for The Vintage Collection, we’re believing that we’ll really be treated to what you have reserved for NY Toy Fair in February. Our question surrounds the newly revealed Imperial Navy Officer and Darth Vader figures. After years of collectors’ begging for a modern update to the Death Squad Commander (the gray outfit and unique helmet with communications cord that was one of the original 12 Star Wars figures ever released), why have you decided to go with the all-black outfit again? We’ve noticed there are some new details not seen on the 2007 30 (77-07) Death Star Trooper figure, so we’re hopeful a variation is in the works to make the gray outfitted figure. But how do you plan to release the Imperial Navy Officer? Is this figure meant to update the Death Squad Commander so you’ll put him on a Star Wars card back, or are there other plans. Also, the Darth Vader figure seems to be the definitive update to an Episode IV Darth Vader, but the Q&A session at NYCC seemed to indicate that we wouldn’t be seeing Darth Vader on a Star Wars TVC card back. Please clarify these points for us?
      Hasbro: The Death Squad Trooper is meant to be an update for the Death Squad Commander. We currently have no plans to release him in a grey uniform. The Darth Vader will be on an Episode IV TVC card back.

      JediTempleArchives.com: Since you have confirmed that The Vintage Collection will see 55 figures for the 2012 product year, we would assume that you have already started to consider what 2013 may look like. Is it a good guess that The Vintage Collection will continue into 2013? We heard in an interview where Derryl DePriest stated that Hasbro doesn’t want The Vintage Collection to wear out its welcome and other line looks are necessary to keep the line fresh at retail. But we feel that this may be true with any other collection EXCEPT for The Vintage Collection. We hope you are able to keep this line going as long as possible. There are so many figures that need to be packaged in this line look. Can you give us any insight at all about this?
      Hasbro: We appreciate your question (and thank you for your interest!), but unfortunately we are not yet able to comment on the 2013 product line.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: In 2010 and 2011 you shipped a lot of ROTS clones and Sandtroopers in various cases. To be honest, I was surprised to hear so many collectors complain about this. I guess the saturation point has been reached on white ROTS clones and Sandtroopers. However, there are still a lot of army builders out there, but some of us are a little uncertain where troop building is in your planning process. We can understand after having to take clone troopers off the pegs that you might be a little shy on placing too many trooper figures in future waves. Can you let us know how you will be handling this situation in the future? Will we see fewer repeats of trooper figures (as in the past) or are you going to focus on other troopers in future case assortments?
      Hasbro: We were also surprised to hit a saturation point on Clones. Regardless, troop building remains something we will include as part of the line, but we will be more conservative in the quantities of the troop building items we release.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: By the time this question gets answered, we'll know more about the TPM line-up. At the time this was written though, we know that there will be 18 TPM single carded figures (12 TVC and 6 Wal-Mart exclusive figures). Will this set a general trend for the upcoming 3D film figures as well? (About 18 figures for the launch of each new film) or will this number vary?
      Hasbro: Including the mainline Movie Heroes line and Vintage, we have more than 25 TPM themed single carded figures planned for 2012. This number could vary for future entertainment, but in general we plan on supporting any movies or shows with focused items during the "heat" of the release.

      Mousedroid.com: I have noticed that with all of your Vintage Collection figures, you have chosen to give them all Ball-Hinged Knee and Elbow joints in favour of the cheaper swivel joints. The only figure I have noticed to have swivel elbow joints is VC20 Yoda. My questions are: 1: What was your decision to give all the figures the ball-hinged joints? Which is something you have said in the past was something that you would do where possible and on a case-by-case basis. And 2: Why was Yoda the only figure (with elbow joints) to miss out? And do you think that you could upgrade his arms in the future?
      Hasbro: On smaller figures we have to make these decisions based on aesthetics. Yoda, due to smaller limbs, makes it more difficult to fit the ball joint.

      Mousedroid.com: Any chance of a new version of Nien Nunb in the Vintage Style cardback?
      Hasbro: Nien Nunb is due for an update and this is being seriously considered for the line.

      Rebelscum.com: In February, word circulated that the deleted scenes figures coming in The Vintage Collection might total 12 in number. We have since seen 6 revealed, all derived from Return of the Jedi and they're great. is there any truth to the notion of there perhaps originally being 12 figures planned? Might we still see the remaining 6 and, if so, which films do they draw from please?
      Hasbro: There were never more than 5 deleted scene figures planned for the line. Luke, Leia, Lando, Rebel Pilot and Colonel Cracken.

      Rebelscum.com: At NYCC, you said there would only be 19 figures from The Clone Wars. Did you mean 19 new ones, or 19 overall, or have we just been misinformed? Will we be seeing more mini-rigs and battle packs next year if this is the case?
      Hasbro: There are 19 total single carded Clone Wars animated figures planned for 2012. There are also 4 Clone Wars themed "mini-rig" figure & vehicle packs and 1 Clone Wars themed Battle pack planned for 2012.

      Sandtroopers.com: Is there an address to send the heads of yellowed Clone Troopers?
      Hasbro: Please contact Hasbro Consumer Affairs: 1-800-255-5516

      Sandtroopers.com: With the Episode I podracers coming out, why not make Quadrinaros or Mawhonic versions rather than putting out the same characters we already own?
      Hasbro: We included the two key pod racers with the most screen time. In addition to fans, these are targeting the new generation of kids who do not yet own any pod racers, and probably have never even seen the movie (yet!)

      SWcollector.com: What is the status of any upcoming Jedi spirits figures? Yoda is way overdue, and we could also use a new Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi. Qui-Gon Jinn from THE CLONE WARS season 3 would also be great. Also on the subject of Jedi ghosts, would you ever do another Anakin spirit figure based on Sebastian Shaw, or a non-spirit version of Shaw as a Jedi, a la the vintage Kenner figure?
      Hasbro: There are Jedi spirits planned at this time.

      SWcollector.com: The Vintage Collection Anakin Skywalker (THE CLONE WARS) unveiled at NY Comic Con had the gloves on the wrong hands and the Jedi Luke (Deleted Jedi Origin) had its hair parted on the wrong side. Will these errors be corrected before these figures hit retail?
      Hasbro: Good catch - the Anakin figure was a prototype that was incorrectly assembled. Our Design team also caught this and made the correction to the final product. The Jedi Luke figure does have hair parted on the wrong side but we were not able to fix this for production.

      Toymania.com: Can you discuss the difficulties that have occurred in bringing Ziro the Hutt to the marketplace? We were told at first that Ziro was coming as a mailaway, but for some reason was bumped in favor of Sgt. Bric. Then we heard he might be coming as a store exclusive, but that never panned out. Many fans wanted to vote for Ziro in the current Fan's Choice poll, but were disappointed when told that oversized figures such as Ziro were not eligible to be nominated. Since a Clone Wars style Hutt mold already exists (Jabba), couldn't that mold be used with redeco and minor tweaks to create Ziro as a store or Celebration exclusive? Are there factors delaying the release of this crucial and popular character that we are not aware of?
      Hasbro: Since Ziro is an oversized figure he does not fit on a single card, but he could be an option as an exclusive in the future.

      Toymania.com: With the release of the rescaled Logray this year, we now have all of the Vintage Ewoks in the proper scale except for Lumat (who hasn't been released at all in the modern line) and Teebo (who was released in the Power of the Jedi series and is now very out-of-scale). Are these Ewoks in your plans to complete the Vintage Ewoks set in the near future?
      Hasbro: This is a great request - both of these Ewoks are in our line of sight to be updated.

      Yakface.com: With the release of the newest Tauntaun, it appears that you have sculpted it with possibility of an open-belly version in the future. Question is, since the cavity in this new version is too small to fit Luke’s legs let alone a majority of his body, what will you be doing with to remedy that issue. Will the new Hoth Luke have removable legs so you can just stick his upper body in there to re-create the scene or are you going to have an alternate belly piece that has Luke sculpted to it that can be switched out for added play value?
      Hasbro: The new Hoth Luke does not have removable legs. We are not planning the open-belly version at this time.

      Yakface.com: At NYCC, you mentioned that the upcoming AAT has been retooled. Are there any images or additional details you can share now before it’s release so we can get the word out to folks as to why to buy this new and improved version???
      Hasbro: The AAT has a newly tooled cockpit that can now seat 2 Battle Droids plus an additional Battle Droid inside the turret.

      YodasNews.com: Will we see another round of Geonosis Arena 2-packs in the next couple of years?
      Hasbro: We realize that there are still quite a few Jedi with screen time, but there are no current plans for this.

      YodasNews.com: Just a few months after he debuted on The Clone Wars, Hasbro released a Chewbacca action figure. We know it takes a year or so to go from concept to retail, so you must be working very closely with the animation team. I think a lot of collectors would enjoy some insight as to the process of developing new characters from the series who haven't been seen by the public yet. Does Hasbro get to see everything in the works and decide who gets the plastic treatment, or do you get a list of characters suggested by Lucasfilm? How far in advance do you start working on items like that?
      Hasbro: We work closely with our partners at Lucasfilm and we usually kick off figure development well over a year in advance of entertainment hitting the big or small screen. We first see scripts and then concept art, and throughout this review process we stay in close contact with Lucasfilm to select the major characters from key story arcs.

      - -
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      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        JediInsider.com got answers, but not to the questions they sent in, so I didn't put them up (the answers they got are already on the list from Yakface and from JediNews.co.uk). Hopefully they will contact HunterPR and get them to track down the misplaced answers (we had that in the past a few times, they usually had the answers in their files, just not in the right places).

        Also, Snowtroopers.ca sent in questions but Hasbro canceling the October round caused their questions to get tossed, unfortunately. That's another situation we've run into many times in the past, and the current policy from Hasbro doesn't include make-goods anymore.

        That leaves everything else accounted for except for ActionFigureInsider, I couldn't find a statement from them about their Q&A missing.
      1. Mr. JabbaJohnL's Avatar
        Mr. JabbaJohnL -
        EchoBaseForum's answer about those ships doesn't leave me very optimistic - there's only six weeks left until 2012, so they better start pumping them out. I should have gotten the AV-7 when I saw it at TRU a few months ago.

        It's too bad about the canceled items - Battlefields of Naboo, Obi-Wan with Attack Pod, Boba with speeder bike. I really wanted Boba's poncho, and now the TPM Blu-ray set is the only place to get that particular version of the battle droid (even if it is inaccurate, with the commander antenna instead of the backpack).

        The number of Clone Wars releases for next year seems low, until you take into account that there were only 26 new figures in the line this year. It seems, though, that many of the 19 will be repacks, but hopefully there will be room for newness.
      1. Tycho's Avatar
        Tycho -
        Good job on the Q&A anyway, JT.

        I too am concerned about getting the Mandalorian transport and I wanted a second cannon as well.
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Thanks. I wasn't really worried about the Mando Transport up until I read your 2 comments.
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