• SSG's Monthly Hasbro Q&A - December 7th, 2011

      Attachment 25658Every month, we get to ask Hasbro 2 questions. Back on November 11th, we sent in 2 questions, and Hasbro has just sent us back the answers. This will be the last Q&A for 2011, with details for the 2012 program coming soon.

      SSG: At the SDCC panel, Hasbro talked about the new Battle Droid and even a new ROTJ Speeder Bike in the works. Both these items are ones that previous iterations have suffered significant wilting on, their plastics were too soft to support their long, thin designs for any real amount of time. Dave Vennemeyer, during the Convention, mentioned on the Battle Droid that he slightly thickened up the legs to accommodate the transformation scheme and to add a little more articulation, but he did not not specifically say it was to counter the wilting. The wilting, we've been told by Hasbro, is softer materials being used by the factories, and that team Hasbro Star Wars has been talking to them for some time about addressing the soft plastics issue. So, with the new Battle Droid and Speeder Bike, is something going to be done to avoid that frustrating wilting?

      Hasbro: Yes the softer plastics do suffer from some bend, particularly in more humid climates. We are looking at improved materials moving forward but it will likely not impact these 2012 items.

      SSG: While we were pleased to see the return of Titanium Series at NYCC 2011, it was not as exciting to see that all of the 3-packs shown contained only previously released vehicles, and of those, it appeared to be all straight repacks without even new paint schemes, much less any new toolings. Is Hasbro planning to release any new tools or any "new" repaints as well, and can we expect to see some new ships from more recent seasons of The Clone Wars (and if so, which ones)? Will Titanium Series continue in 3-packs only, or return to single packs?

      Hasbro: The majority of the Titanium 3-packs in 2012 are reissues. But we are planning several new EU-themed Titanium vehicles for a pack hitting retail in the fall. We will be offering 3-packs only.


      Well, that's it for this round's questions and answers. Thanks to everybody who participated in picking these questions, and to Hasbro for the answers. Feel free to let us know what you think of this round by posting below!
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      1. Mr. JabbaJohnL's Avatar
        Mr. JabbaJohnL -
        I'm glad that they're evidently working on the bending issue, even if not here. Hopefully that means these items can be re-released later with those materials instead.

        From other questions, I'm excited that the Vintage Jar Jar will be all-new (meaning not a Movie Heroes repack) and that they're working on Pong Krell. Both should be awesome.
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        I thought it was weird that they're working on wilting but not on these items we cited, it's an odd thing to leave them out and I do wonder if it means they only recently found a solution, or something else like a regulations or supplier change.

        Good to see new Titaniums, I bet the new ones will be from SW:TOR.

        I thought the Movie Heroes Jar Jar was already new, so is that 2 new Jar Jars in a year?
      1. Mr. JabbaJohnL's Avatar
        Mr. JabbaJohnL -
        The Movie Heroes Jar Jar is indeed new, so yeah, if everything works out, that will be two new Jar Jars in 2012. The MH version looks to have pretty good articulation, but the lack of ball joints in the shoulders, and any joints at all in the wrists and ankles, prevents it from being truly SA (and Jar Jar is definitely a character that needs it). I also hope his face isn't so stern, since so many of his figures look like he's about to fall asleep (MH version included).
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