• Celebrate Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D at Toys"R"Us Stores

      Star Wars fans, action figure collectors and construction enthusiasts are feeling a ripple in the Force as the 3D version of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace approaches its theatrical release on February 10. To help Jedis and Padwans prepare to watch this classic installment in the Star Wars Saga in a whole new way, the broadest selection of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace toys are traveling at lightspeed to Toys“R”Us stores nationwide.

      Customers will easily find the droids they’re looking for, as well as the newest Star Wars items, beginning Monday, January 30 when Toys“R”Us stores nationwide display the new line within a themed Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace boutique. Adorned with images of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul bordered by an epic space battle, shoppers will find all of the newest Star Wars toys, including several items available only at Toys“R”Us.

      Online shoppers who can’t jump on the next transport ship to their nearest Toys“R”Us “galaxy” can also browse a matching boutique featured at Toysrus.com. Filled with the same astonishing visuals and Star Wars products as the in-store boutique, customers will feel like they’ve been transported back to 1999 when Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace first premiered.

      As an added bonus, Toys“R”Us and Toysrus.com will also offer exclusive Star Wars items, including:

      Star Wars TITANIUM SERIES DIE-CAST 3 Pack from Hasbro

      This Toys“R”Us exclusive line of Star Wars TITANIUM SERIES pack of 3 vehicles lets kids and collectors take home incredibly detailed versions of ANAKIN SKYWALKER PODRACER™, SEBULBA PODRACER™ and TRADE FEDERATION BATTLESHIP™ vehicles to help bring Star Wars adventures to life. When the action is over for the day, the included display stands can be used to show off these titanium rides!

      Star Wars PODRACER™ PILOTS from Hasbro

      During one of the most action-packed scenes in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, young Anakin Skywalker competed in the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace, a dangerous event held annually on Tatooine. This set of action figures collects five of Anakin’s competitors, DUD BOLT™, CLEGG HOLDFAST™, GASGANO™, MARS GUO™ and TEEMTO PAGALIES™ complete with flags, flagpoles, 5 battle bases, 5 Galactic Battle Game cards, game dice and additional accessories.
      Buy the hottest collectibles from: BigBadToyStore.com and BriansToys.com.

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      Anyone got Luke Skywalker Evolution “D” card yet?

      This 2016 series was okay, but it doesn't have a different title, just SW Evolution like the 2001 one: text was interesting (how characters, well, evolved

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      RIP....The Official Dead Thread

      A little late, but Romper Room children's show actress Mary Ann King, at 82. :magicmirror:

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      2010 World Cup

      I enjoy (but in all honesty, do not love) watching international futbol, but a nil-nil end to a championship match always leaves me feeling a bit empty.

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      Darth Carlos

      The Force Awakens Micro Machines!!!

      Are Rogue 1 sets coming? Found this info on a German website.


      Darth Carlos 13 Hours Ago Go to last post

      What have you watched recently?

      BigBarada, thank you for your service and thank you for sharing. It would be very interesting to get a better understanding of the circumstances in Yugoslavia

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      Bel-Cam Jos


      At about 7000 pgs. with the 27 books read as of today...

      Big Sky Summer by Linda Lael Miller. For this summer's library book program, one

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      What have you watched recently?

      Independence Day: Resurgence. Not a bad action/sci-fi flick. It had a different feel than the original. Maybe if the producers hadn't waited 20 years?

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      What have you watched recently?

      That's both cool and sad, BB. On PBS lately, they've had Ken Burns' National Parks documentaries showing, and I enjoy seeing places I've been before (but

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      How did you spend your Saturday?

      Only time I went out was to the library, then the rest of the day was spent indoors away from the 100-degree temps reading, watching televised sporting

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      NEW Playmates TMNT Classics - Super Articulated!!

      That's some cool stuff. I'm not sure how sold I am on the pixelized paint apps, but the fact that the sculpts don't look pixelated at all leads me to

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