• Star Wars 3D Does Well at the Box Office

      You may be aware that the original story that started the Star Wars franchise in terms of episode chronology (and not actual release schedule), is out in the theaters again. The first episode of Star Wars is also playing in full 3D glory. However, questions may remain how well it is doing at the box office and if it will convince George Lucas to bring out more films from the franchise in 3D.

      You don't have to worry because According to Variety.com, Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace has surpassed (some) expectations. It has grossed 22.5 million in its debut weekend when it hit theaters on Feb. 10 and prompted Lucas to bring the entire Star Wars franchise into the digital 3D world.

      The reason Star War fans as a whole, whether fans of the 3D format or not, should be excited is because the films as a whole are getting remade. Other aspects of them besides 3D are getting a facelift. You may hear better audio or see a crisper and sharper image as a whole in these remakes. This success may also allow Lucas to experiment with newer tech that may lead to great films in the future.

      You can see the entire breakdown of how much various films grossed in Star Wars' opening weekend here. Although Star Wars did exceptionally well, it was actually beaten by a couple other films including a rival 3D feature.

      Journey 2: Mysterious Island 3D ended up grossing $27 million during the same time frame. This goes to show that remakes aside, many viewers want new productions shot in 3D from the ground up.

      However, with Star Wars doing well in 3D we can expect more classics to be re-released in the format and this is great news for any film fan. It will show directors such as Lucas the value of the 3D format and bring new audiences into the theaters.

      James Cameron will soon be re-releasing Titanic in 3D and it will be interesting how it stacks up to the other 3D remakes like Star Wars.

      via 3dtv.com
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        sith_killer_99 -
        Lucas remaking the films! It's about time, I was beginning to wonder if he would ever get around to remaking and/or updating the films.
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