• WonderCon 2012 Coverage

      WonderCon 2012 took place this year in Anaheim, CA and SirStevesGuide.com was on hand to bring you the lastest from the showroom floor.

      WonderCon is organized by Comic Con International, the non-profit organization that also puts on San Diego Comic Con and the Alternative Press Expo. Normally held in San Francisco's Moscone Center, WonderCon's 26th anniversary convention had to move to Southern California for their 2012 show because the Moscone Center is currently undergoing renovations, and their only other choice was to cancel this year's WonderCon. 2011's WonderCon had over 49,500 attendees in the Bay Area but temporarily moving the regular show's 2012 outing over 350 miles south to Anaheim, CA, was a risk; but judging by early online registration numbers, as well as Saturday's significant crowds braving unusually heavy SoCal rain, it looks like the move has not hurt this annual springtime comic convention a bit -- and hopefully may even see a return or a spin-off convention in the future.

      Head on over to our WonderCon 2012 Photo Gallery for the photos!
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      Fan made replicas and helmets

      Almost all plastics degrade over time. If we accept it, we'll be happier. The original screen used RS suit is still here today together with other screen

      jkno 4 Hours Ago Go to last post
      Darth Carlos

      The Force Awakens Micro Machines!!!

      This collector loves Jabba related items. I found the Jabba microfigure comparison to the Hasbro action figure versions interesting. Looks like the

      Darth Carlos 7 Hours Ago Go to last post
      Bel-Cam Jos


      Now just 13 lucky days left... but who's counting?

      Bel-Cam Jos 9 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Fan made replicas and helmets

      I always thought PVC was more durable than ABS since I've seen PVC pipe sit out in open sunlight for almost 20 years and not yellow or become brittle.

      Snowtrooper 11 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Fan made replicas and helmets

      I never really cared much for the flimsy lenses either. They just seem like they're waiting to get some kind of crinkle in them. I may try your idea,

      Snowtrooper 11 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Fan made replicas and helmets

      ABS may avoid internal-cause yellowing depending on the care taken with the additives when mixing the material. Things like plasticizers and dyes and

      JediTricks 15 Hours Ago Go to last post

      ARCHER on FX (or, possibly, better yet, on DVD!)

      I thought they parodied The Dark Knight and the Joker.

      Tycho 19 Hours Ago Go to last post


      Four more Mondays for us in LAUSD...

      Maradona 19 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Survivor: Kaoh Rong

      Julia's double- and triple-crossing caught up with her.

      Who should win at this point? Aubrey has played a good game, done a lot of behind

      OC47151 23 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Amazing Race

      Bye bye, Brodie and Kurt. A strong team until the last two legs and doomed. Interesting that the other teams knew they had to double U-turn them to have

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