• Hasbro (Australia) Lawyers Up on Nerf Fan Site

      Even though this is not directly related to Star Wars, it is related to Hasbro and fan sites.

      I'll let you decide on what to believe... just read through this: http://urbantaggers.blogspot.com.au/...ry-of-uts.html
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        JediTricks -
        Ugh, that is not a pretty picture that is being painted there. Hasbro's actions in the recent past about these sorts of things has been schizophrenic - sometimes they remain deathly quiet, other times they make statements and don't back them up, and still others they send out their investigators without listening to what the fan sites are saying to them ("I got these pictures from google, I got these products from ebay" - that's it, go investigate THEM). And instead of doing a top-down investigation, they're doing a bottom-up one without the "up" part, they're just harassing fans instead of looking at the obvious source of the problems - someone at the factory level for a lot of the ebay product.

        I'd like to believe that the problems they faced over there were coincidental - Hasbro does give stuff out from time to time, and it's possible that the legal matters had nothing to do with their address request, although the timing is incredibly suspicious. Alternately, another "trying to give these guys a break instead of looking at it like jackbooted thugs" scenario is that the Hasbro people down there wanted to give out those promo items but someone in their management required them to do due-dilligence on the site and they found those concerning images and had to act. But ultimately, it just looks bad all around and disappointing, and the problem is only that Hasbro's products fans are excited about their product line, but cannot find enough official information about those products, so it seems like Hasbro needs to change their focus, split it into investigating their factories' leaks and fixing their communications-with-fans bottleneck.
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