• New Star Wars Limited Edition Artwork

      Acme welcomes new artists Jason Christman, Mark McHaley & Rich Pellegrino and introduces new Star Wars artwork from Brian Rood, Mike Kungl, Ben Curtis Jones & William Silvers.

      Jason Christman
      brings us the minimalistic look with “The Kessel Run” and “Cargo Hold” featuring the Milennium Falcon and Slave 1. Rich Pellegrino gives us colorful pop art portraits of the bounty hunter and the Sith lord with “Boba Fett” and “The Darth Vader.” Ben Curtis Jones brings us a pencil portrait of Luke Skywalker in “Like Beggar’s Canyon.” “The Hunter” is another masterpiece from Mike Kungl in his signature art deco style featuring Boba Fett in action as originally seen in the Star Wars: Visions book.
      Darth Maul is back in “Jedi Slayer,” a watercolor illustration from Acme fav, Brian Rood. A captive Princess Leia from Mark McHaley, originally seen as a Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 card, is now available to hang on your wall in “Your Highness.” William Silvers shows us a beautifully detailed look at Luke Skywalker ready to fly into battle in “Rebel Pilot.”

      See larger photos here.
      Buy the hottest collectibles from: BigBadToyStore.com and BriansToys.com.

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      Bel-Cam Jos


      To finish out Black History Month, I read a book I've had on my "to read" list for some time: Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon. It was cool with

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      Oscar Nominees

      And the "winner" is...

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      What's everyone having for lunch today?

      I wanted to try the Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa, so I got their $5 meal (that, plus a regular taco and Doritos Locos Taco, with med. drink - pink

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      How did you spend your Saturday?

      Recycling, grading (at home and at school to drop off some items to beat the rain), lunch out, watched TV. Still dealing with the more-than-just-inconvenience

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      Power Play! NHL 13-14 (and beyond?)

      Stadium Series was good for the Penguins, beating in-state rival Philly at Heinz Field on a cold, windy, snow flurry game.

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      So, what did you think?

      Rogue One wins no Oscars. But that may've been since two presenters for a category were from the film (Jones and Ahmed), and disturbed the Force.

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      Star Wars Rebels - Season 3

      I told you a season ago or more that in this thread that Kallus would be a good guy. Awesome continuing portrayal of Thrawn. He lives up to how he is

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      RIP....The Official Dead Thread

      Bill Paxton dead at 61. Apparently complications from surgery.

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      Bel-Cam Jos

      What are you listening to? (merged)

      I've heard two "blue" songs that I like today, that I rarely hear over the airwaves: "Midnight Blue" by Lou Graham and "Electric

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      3 3/4" figures Rogue One

      Found the Jedha revolt pack at my local Meijer this morning. This set makes me wish Hasblow didn't cheap out with the articulation. Would've been great

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