• Very Cool LEGO Store Display!

      WOW! A toy store in Norway has the best display I have ever seen! Continue on to check out the video that was posted on YouTube!

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      1. SirSteve's Avatar
        SirSteve -
        MUST OWN THIS!! Anyone in Norway want to help me out!?
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Man, that is so cool. I still can't figure out where the images are getting projected from, but they look great. I was going to say that this type of advertising is probably illegal in the US due to stronger toy advertising restrictions, but there's a disclaimer at the end of the bit. The day a toymaker can make this a take-home part of their toys is the day they rule the market. Can you imagine how awesome this would look with Hasbro figures? Or even little green army men? SO COOL!
      1. SirSteve's Avatar
        SirSteve -
        Tycho - how cool would this be for your dioramas?
      1. Jedi_nav's Avatar
        Jedi_nav -
        I've actually seen a similar display for Legois at a Toys R Us in OKC but it was for a different line. Bionicle or something like that, but I cant remember.
      1. Jedi_nav's Avatar
        Jedi_nav -
        I've actually seen a similar display like this at Toys R Us in OKC. I think it was for Bionicle or something like that but I can't remember which one. They have a pane of glass in front Legos that they project the images on. It is pretty cool.
      1. Mr. JabbaJohnL's Avatar
        Mr. JabbaJohnL -
        Wow, this is awesome. I'd love to see toy companies do this much more often!
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