• Sideshow's 1:6 Boba Fett SE Billing Friday!

      Sideshow has started emailing final notice that their hotly-anticipated Boba Fett 12-inch figure (aka 1:6 scale) Sideshow Exclusive is getting ready to ship out right away, and that means customers who pre-ordered are going to see their cards authorized starting tomorrow, Friday, June 29th. So make sure you have funds in the right places and everything in your order is entirely correct as you certainly don't want to miss out on shipping as early as possible.

      This is consistent with their earlier email warnings, as we detailed here.

      While the Sideshow Exclusive (SE) version is limited to 2,000 pieces and already topped out its preorders, the regular edition is still available from Sideshow for preorder through this link: [Pre-Order Regular Edition Boba Fett 12-inch Figure]
      Buy the hottest collectibles from: BigBadToyStore.com and BriansToys.com.

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      1. jedibear's Avatar
        jedibear -
        Well, I wasn't as quick on the draw for this PO (that crazy thing called "work" )so...I'm sure I won't get any notice til after the 4th. That's okay...knowing he has an imminent arrival is cool for now...besides, I have Bacara due up my way next week for my "figure fix"...
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Sorry to hear it, JB. Sue your employer for emotional damages. Also, sue the maker of your cellphone for making it impossible to get your figure quicker. Or maybe call Sideshow and perhaps they can let you know what to expect.

        My card authorized this afternoon! $200.43. I am hoping to see Mr. Fett on my doorstep in the next 5 days, my preorder was at 10:02am that day. I am also hoping for a couple bucks' refund since I live very close to their shipping center.
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Talked to Sideshow today, they're expecting to ship it sometime this week. Since it may not arrive until I'm at Comic-Con, I had to make another change to my shipping address for it, and I can't say I'm not somewhat disappointed. If they were a little closer, I'd just go pick it up in person.
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