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      by Published on 05-25-2011 10:47 PM
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      The Dark Lord of the Sith makes his Cinemaquette debut! The most anticipated release in the Cinemaquette series is finally available for pre-order, our breathtaking re-creation of the most iconic movie villain of all time, Darth Vader! Constructed of polyurethane composite with exquisitely detailed armor and robes as seen in The Empire Strikes Back, the Darth Vader Cinemaquette features an LED illuminated chestplate and lightsaber, and three digital voice clips featuring the authentic voice of Darth Vader! Remove ...
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      Sons of Anarchy!

      At one point during the ep, when Chibs, Bobby and Tig were standing together on the roadside, I thought, they might survive all this chaos unscathed.

      OC47151 2 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Amazing Race

      If Dentist Jim weren't so arrogant (we're gonna be the most dominate team in AR history) at the very beginning, I might feel sorry for him. But I don't.

      OC47151 2 Hours Ago Go to last post

      The Walking Dead

      I'll take a leg, please!

      I've been informed that the present storyline introduced Sunday nite is in the comics. Don't know much more than

      OC47151 2 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Survivor: San Juan del Sur

      Drew has too full of himself, thinking he was in charge yet napping and eating all the time. He only has one person to blame for his expulsion: himself.

      OC47151 3 Hours Ago Go to last post
      El Chuxter

      Transformers: Energon & Beyond

      Death's Head is a glorious little figure, yes? You may think that the fun's over--finished. But since he's properly scaled with Deluxe-size Transformers,

      El Chuxter 12 Hours Ago Go to last post

      What have you watched recently?

      Sherlock Season III, more good stuff from across the pond. I think season 2 was a bit better but as I said it was another great season.

      JimJamBonds 13 Hours Ago Go to last post

      Star Wars Rebels - Dave Filoni's new Star Wars animated series

      Eh, I actually liked Fighter Flight a lot. Probably because I'm such a big fan of TIE Fighters and Zeb is my favorite character, so far, and seeing him

      bigbarada 20 Hours Ago Go to last post
      Bel-Cam Jos

      How is the weather by you today?

      Warm-up trend expected this week: back to low-/mid-90s. And it's less than a fortnight from November. Today; low-80s as a high, but evenings are loverly.

      Bel-Cam Jos 1 Day Ago Go to last post

      G-day, mate! MLB 2014

      It'll be interesting to see what happens now that they have (or more likely will) lose a game in the playoffs.

      JimJamBonds 1 Day Ago Go to last post


      Yeah something major did happen at the end of the first one which carried over into the second episode. I thought they wrapped up that serial killer

      JimJamBonds 1 Day Ago Go to last post
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