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  1. Poll: Re: Did you buy the OT DVDs or SW:Battlefront?

    I'm boycotting the DVDs until Lucas offers the original versions.

    Until then, I'll probably download the DVD-R rips from the laser discs.
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    Poll: Re: Are you a loose or carded collector?

    I fall in the same boat. At first I was just so shocked and delighted to see Star Wars back, that I wanted to get them all. I also didn't want to open them, because after bemoaning not having any of...
  3. Poll: Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I'm not giving George Lucas a penny on DVD product until he reverses his decision on not making the original versions available (even if that day never comes). I will check out whatever...
  4. Poll: Re: How often should Hasbro release new Ewok toys

    Yep, have to concur on that. Not only was Teebo a pegwarmer here, he was a marathon pegwarmer lasting a solid year (TRU barely discounts here).
  5. Poll: Re: How often should Hasbro release new Ewok toys

    It's hard not to like a nice Ewok, but they're just so gosh darn hairy. And when all that fur gets wet, man so stinky. How about a nice shaved Ewok? Or maybe just with a little mohawk on top . . .
  6. Poll: Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    I'd also have to say it's a no-brainer - all new stuff of course!

    The only scenario I can think of where I would actually want old stuff would be for troop builders - and then only if I'm getting...
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    Poll: Simple problem, simple solution. One page for...

    Simple problem, simple solution.

    One page for "News", one page for "Rumours".

    Everyone's happy.
  8. Poll: Just an update, in last few hours have now found...

    Just an update, in last few hours have now found three of at least five Clone Wars promos on KaZaA. Am also queued up for a 40MB mpeg file purporting to be the first Chapter.

    Now let's see how...
  9. Poll: Well I don't know about a bottleneck, no one's...

    Well I don't know about a bottleneck, no one's even got it up on KaZaA yet according to my "clone wars" search.

    IRC should be the first place, if anyone comes across it, please post the...
  10. Poll: Oops!

    Ooops, in my enthusiasm (and fatigue), I contradicted myself by first calling LOTR the top "science fiction" series, then saying it's "fantasy" not sci-fi. Maybe I've got my labels wrong, but...
  11. Poll: Old news, LOTR has been tops for long time

    Not to diss poll, but LOTR has been the top science-fiction saga long before Star Wars was even a glimmer in a young George Lucas's eye.

    I've heard it's the most read book(s) in the 20th century -...
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    Poll: Hmmm, a quarter of people want to know everything . . .

    . . . don't understand how seeing a movie is fun for first time if you already what's going to happen.
  13. Poll: I once wanted a third trilogy . . .

    I once wanted there to be three trilogies, mostly just to see what happened to Leia, Han, Luke, etc. If it did happen, I always thought it would be much latter, with them as an old generation in the...
  14. Poll: Interesting, but flawed

    While originally sceptical about these, now that I see them I think they could have some potential as one-offs outside the main line.

    However, there are two problems I see with these:

    1) Sure,...
  15. Poll: I like some, but not all

    Kind of hard for me to vote based on choices provided.

    The only one that comes close for me is:

    I like some, but not most

    However, this is too harsh.

    I'd rather say:
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    Poll: I voted for Location and up - since casting is inevitable

    I really don't want to know much about the movie - any movie.

    I try to get to movies late so I don't have to watch the trailers - or just close my eyes and try to shut it out (I'm serious lol).
  17. Poll: Ananikin is not motivated by hatred, but well-meaning intent to bring order

    A bit late on the reply, but wanted to jump back in on this one.

    You're quite right that maybe Anakin doesn't let Yoda and Obi-Wan escape. That's just one thought. And, frankly, this is the...
  18. Poll: If differences, it's the novels that have 'mistakes' NOT the movies

    One more thing . . .

    As someone who doesn't read the novels, I don't consider any differences in the movies to be "mistakes" (as some people here have suggested).

    I understand the appeal of...
  19. Poll: Rise of the Empire

    To me "Rise of the Empire" says it all.

    It also ties in with "Empire Strikes Back" - ie, Empire needs to appear before it can strike back.

    As for tying the trilogies together, I believe it will...
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    Poll: Why the name "Kubricks"?

    Sounds very un-Japanese . . .
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    Poll: A truly love them or hate them product I think.

    A truly love them or hate them product I think.
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    Poll: I only like realistic to-scale figures . . .

    . . . these look silly to me, like toddler toys. But that's just my opinion.
  23. Poll: Does Lucas really want the OT to disappear?

    Has Lucas said that he wants the OT to disappear? What's the deal?

    I completely understand his excitement at updating the old films and tweaking his six-piece serial at the end so it all fits...
  24. Poll: And how about some respect for the "original" Special Edition?

    Along the same lines of my earlier post, if by using alternate chapters, you can get both the OT and new 2006 SE, then why not the "original" SE as well?

    The way I see it, DVD is a great format...
  25. Poll: I want BOTH in ONE package!

    Simply put, I want BOTH in ONE package!

    The way I see it, this should be technically easy to do.

    Each scene is recorded as a "chapter", so some chapters would have two versions plus some new SE...
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