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    vouching for rjarvis

    rj & i just completed successful trade: his furuta voyager for my konami galactica :cool: not the first time we've done biz but the first occasion on which i've thought to vouch for him here so :cool:
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    jay: did you see mssg for you...

    jay: did you see mssg for you?
  3. no hurry guys, maybe in time 1 of us will come across what's needed to close the deal

    all above wants & offerings remain valid except for following:
    no longer need furuta voyager or anakin's jedi comlink; however i will be interested in getting the padd & console that comes...
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    i recently obtained a few kubricks for a local pal straight from tokyo. . .

    . . .but now i can't get hold of him so they May be available. trouble is, i'm not sure you have anything i seek; plz respond that thred if interested :)
  5. i'll trade you an utashad for your covops...

    i'll trade you an utashad for your covops :)
  6. update: all wants & offering remain same except for following

    my following tradebait is no longer available:
    evolutions sandtroops (1 of each 3-pak color)
    e2 clone from gray evol 3-pak
    3 gray troops from coruscant battle 5-pak
    all prev-listed e3 fig...
  7. howdy ama: in addition 2 items on my tradelist, might also b able get u a 501. . .

    . . .plz refer & respond here if you think we might be able to do biz :)
  8. 3&3/4 figtrades: targ-xclusivclone, utashad, redguards, loose evols, accessories etc!

    this seems to be the most active trade subsection, so posting my notice of my e3-heavy offers here; however, since offers aren't limited to e3 items i've posted actual offer & details in general...
  9. updated list

    found black pilot so no longer need, and have been able to get several accessories i'd sought; also, thanx to andyw i may no longer seek grievouspod from invishand microbattle set :)
    and i may have...
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    js: "cant justify paying the lowest price I've seen"

    -have you seen a price lower than what i've cited above?
    fair enough, thanx for answer ;) can't say i don't share some of your feelings; even if i do get this i doubt i'd keep all of them anyway...
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    what is this thread, an echochamber?

    "i grow tired of asking this, so it'll be the last time. . ." (and updated embedded link)
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  13. update

    found me a shocktroop so i no longer need that; also looks like kak'll be supplying me slitherhorn & #6 pauldron so for now those needs are taken care of. also it looks like imminent gree includes...
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    shouldn't be a problem; the more you seek, the easier my job as dispensator

    btw might wanna post all yer wants in above-linked thred so i won't forget (that's where i keep track of everything, who's getting what etc). if jquille was post-'03 she may not've gotten it, as...
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    reply 4u in my tradethred kak; meanwhile. . .

    . . .if you wish to partake of this effort i can prolly supply you w/most things on your wantlist, there's plenty left :)
    anyone else noticing a rash of lightsabers getting shoplifted right out of...
  16. neato torpedo, kak; lmk what you might like in return :D

    that Is a good price, way to go :thumbsup: thankee thankee, now i can let ltb have intact max/doda 2-pak from dee's estate, and still equip my choppadroid with a silthahorn (they've compatible...
  17. 3&3/4 figtrades: targ-xclusivclone, redguards, batdamdroideka, loose accessories etc!

    howdy all, about time i got around to updating this thred :)
    my current unopened fig offerings are:
    momc targ-xclusive clone
    momc redguard on blue card
    momc redguard on purp card
    moc reeyees...
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    a notion

    howdy fellow denver-areans ;)
    anyone of you gonna spring for the 2 ee astromech 5-pax exclsuives? if so, the buzz seems to be that this option's likely the cheapest way to go about it; so might...
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    i've seen tarkin at both lakeside tarKet and nothglenn gordman's. . .

    . . .but what i'm lookin fer is the turbotank driver :)
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    worry not, serg: thanx to dee & her estate, i...

    worry not, serg: thanx to dee & her estate, i should be able to supply you w/all or most of what you seek :)
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