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    Re: How about an exclusives section

    I agree, cause there are more and more exclusives every day, they just need a section.
  2. Poll: Re: Was Obi-Wan Lying to Luke about Anakin/Vader?

    He wasn't lying...he was telling the truth in another point of view. If he had told him the truth like we see it Luke would had been shocked...just imagine being a farmer and that they tell you that...
  3. Poll: Re: Will you be giving or getting any Star Wars gifts this holiday?

    I will be receiving star wars gifts, but I'm not gonna give...I don't know anybody who collects figures.
  4. Poll: Re: Will You Attend a SSG Forums Party at Celebration 3?

    I would like to attend Celebration III and join the party is school and I will have a test those days, so you can tell me how it was. :cry:
  5. Poll: Re: Where do you get the majority of your Star Wars toys?

    I buy most of my figures at Toys R' Us, I find a big bunch of figures there, but when I can't go there, or there are no nw figures I buy em in Wal Mart or in KB Toys.
  6. Poll: Re: Did you buy the OT DVDs or SW:Battlefront?

    I bought my copy of OT DVDs and I'm planning to buy Battlefront next time I got to USA (here in Mexico games are harder to find and much more expensive)but it'll be for my PC i got a...
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    Poll: Re: What do you think of the VOTC line?

    I voted fantastic,those figures are the best thing released till now, I love the card style. I hope Hasbro releases more stuff with this quality.
  8. Poll: Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    You're describing exactly what I feel when I visit a stor full of toys, its just like feeling butterflies in the belly. :crazed:
  9. Poll: Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    I say packaging, becuase I am a "carded" collector I look how does the card looks like, and how will it look in my collection.
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    Re: We should have a SW-EU/Misc forum

    I totally agree, sometimes I want to say something that has to be with the EU, but doesnt fit in any category, so I a EU-Misc can be added I would really apprecate it.
  11. Poll: Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    No, I haven't thought that cause I want to buy only the official one, I need to wait till September.
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    Poll: Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    I voted for Boba Fett and my second would be Darth Maul. Although they don¿t appear too much in the movies they are great and that's what makes you want more of em.
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