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    Your hunting tales...

    Hey ppl,

    so, was there any new stuff released in your regions now that the movie's out? Found anything good?

    As far as I'm concerned, got some great finds to report. After seeing the movie...
  2. Prices etc.

    Hey Maul,

    try, might work. Not sure though. Theprices for basic figs are teh best you'll find in Europe - 9.99 Euros. Vehicles (35-50 Euros)and beasts (20 Euros) are priced...
  3. Count Dooku hitting Germany on the 16th!!!

    Hey ppl,

    big news for German collectors! As I already mentioned in "What are you finding?"-thread, at least Spielemax has put out a lot of new figs lately - and, just a minute ago, I got of the...
  4. Wohoooo - Listen up, my fellow Germans!


    meesa sooo happy!!! :D

    Errr... Yeah. Um. Well, I mean, I just found a bunch of new figs at Spielemax (one of Germany's most well-stocked toystores). They had all the ones mentioned in...
  5. Hi there, It's starting to look good in...

    Hi there,

    It's starting to look good in Germany slowly. S L O W L Y that is. All major retail stores carry the SAGA toys by now, and some still have Ep I stuff on clearance.

    Saga-wise, I was...
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    187-Maul, you're right. Was talking about the...

    187-Maul, you're right. Was talking about the SBD. I always get those skinny thingies and cool ones mixed up...

    Any idea when more is coming out in Europe?
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    Hi ppl,

    first of all, Howdy Emperor: You're, like, so cool! Wow! Nazi jokes. Great job, man! :mad:

    As far as ATOC stuff in Germany goes, most retailers (try Spielemax or Wertheim) have all the...
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