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  1. Polis Massan and Chopper Droid to trade

    Got these due to a shipping error from an ebay seller, and he's told me to keep them for my trouble.

    I'm looking for:

    ROTS AT-TE Gunner
    OTC Jawas
    OTC Gamorrean

    Also willing to sell for $17...
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    Holyoke Mall

    Didn't pick any up myself (already have all the VOTC), but Toys 'r' Us at the Holyoke Mall had lots of Chewie, Artoo, and 3PO VOTC, as well as Luke, Vader, Leia, Obi-wan. There were also a couple...
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    Figure values in database?

    I just started creating a database here of my SW figures a few days ago, and was working my way through the list, changing all the MOMCs to "Loose", and looking with wonder at the "value" of some of...
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    Duros in Central Mass.

    Well, I was surprised to find new figures at the Wal-Mart on Route 20 in Sturbridge, MA tonight. They had 4 Duros in stock, but nothing from the rest of that wave (Bespin Security, Ketwol, Sabe). ...
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