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    Poll: Re: Is Star Wars Over?

    I believe the show is over - even if it is only a short moratorium before the possible Television series.
    Though there is a great EU fanbase I dont think it is enough for Hasbro to even think they...
  2. Poll: Re: Which of the new basic figure repaints (#57-63) will you get?

    Only because I decided against buying all the figures this time around - I'm content with finding the clone troopers here and there - my plan was to only buy one figure at a time - a couple of times...
  3. Poll: Re: It's been a month, do you plan on seeing Ep 3 again in theaters?

    I almost went to see it a second time Monday night but went to Target instead.
  4. Poll: Re: Which Star Wars movie had the best Jedi death scene?

    Vader's death In ROTJ

    I remember getting that Frog In my throat - the same one I got watching Old Yeller In third grade. I remember coming home and trying to figure out if I should keep my action...
  5. Poll: Re: Of all the prequels, from which did you buy the most collectibles?

    Ill Probably End Up Buying More Figures From Rots But I Was All Over The Place For Episode I
    Taco Bell, Kfc, Tru, Pepsi Cans, Magazine Covers, Posters.

    I Was Addicted.

    For Aotc I Was Burned...
  6. Poll: Re: How do you rate Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

    True, there is a code for Jedi Combat - but never-the-less they do tend to fight to the death. Mace was faced with the overwhelming knowledge that he and the jedi had been duped worse than Elmer fudd...
  7. Poll: Re: How do you rate Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

    I Loved the Movie Because It confirms everything that was foreshadowed in I, and II.
    In that GL did a fantastic Job!

    Though I hated most if the droid dialogue - I did enjoy the droid stating...
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