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    Re: New Section: Gentle Giant

    I'm all for it and really surprised there hasn't been one added yet.
  2. More CIII Vaders coming...With a catch

    Just saw this on

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    Re: VA/DC/MD Finds

    I was on my way to Richmond Friday for the race and stopped by a Best Buy in Fredericksburg to see if they had the Anakin .45 MR lightsabers. Lucked out. They had 4 in stock.
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    FT: Best Buy saber for CIII saber

    Looking to trade 1:1 the Best Buy exclusive Darth Sidious saber for the CIII Obi-Wan saber. I know I am new to the group but I have extensive trading references from way back in the days of usenet...
  5. WTTF: Unleashed IG-88 and Stormtrooper

    I have been searching for these two with no luck. They don't have to be on mint cards as they will be opened. Have lots to trade. If you have these two LMK what you might be looking for.
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