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  1. Poll: NO,NO,NO!

    Why shouldn't stands be included you ask?
    Well first off I don't want to pay an extra $1. when Hasbro says we had to raise the price to cover the increased cost of including the stand.

    Second, I...
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    Poll: Tonnika sisters

    Without a doubt they should make the Tonnika sisters! Wouldn't Hasbro reconsider if there was enough interest? Its all about the money because they obviously don't care what we really want so lets...
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    Poll: Found all 27

    I found 24 of the 27 figures at Wal-mart. I had to go to KB toys and pay premium for the other 3 (Taun We, Royal Guard, Luminara Undulli).
    Count Dooku was the last figure I found because those...
  4. Poll: misdirected frustration

    Don't be angry at collectors who buy multiples for personal use. Complain to Hasbro for not making soldiers readily available in quantity. I think some time after the intitial carded run, all...
  5. Poll: Silly Me!

    Oh, I forgot to mention my 10 Toy Fair Vaders.
  6. Poll: You bet I buy multiples!

    I have an Emperor's arrival diarama going. I once had about 150 commtech stormtroopers but I sold my way down to my current 60, so mine are pretty much free. I also sold my 50 POTF2 stormtroopers...
  7. Poll: Miss SWC2? You must be Kidding?

    I'll be there in Stormtrooper armor with the 501st and you may just see me checking badges at the door as the 501st has worked a deal with Wizards of the Coast and Lucasfilms to do volunteer work at...
  8. Poll: Of Course, Silly!

    How about we cut to the chase and run a poll: Should Hasbro make a modern version of ALL remaining unmade vintage figures. YES YES YES!!!
    AND THEN SOME! Most of my friends agree that the classic...
  9. Poll: Fear I do have... yes

    I'm sure this movie will be enjoyable but I hope Lucas restrains himself with those cute cuddly obnoxious creatures! This whole mess started with those damned Ewoks!
    Senator Jar-Jar?! ....I'm...
  10. Poll: pre-posed figures

    I guess I'm in the minority but I like artisticly posed figures and don't mind the trade-off of losing some articulation. The other Jedi members may all be in nuetral poses but none of them can sit...
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    Poll: Attack of NSYNC

    I hear they are fans and isn't it every fans fantasy to get a cameo in a SW movie? I don't see the problem as long as they don't start singing or something and if they get killed, well better yet!
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