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    Brand New figures at Wal-mart

    I have some interesting news for you collectors out there. I work at a Wally-World in West O. I see the new figures there all of the time. Including Star Wars, TMNT, and MOTU. Including for star...
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    Poll: Star Wars figures

    I happen to be an employee at a Wal-Mart store. I dont work in the toy department, but I do stop by and see if there is anything new. The ONLY way they will get more figures in is if the ones that...
  3. yellow and red clone troopers

    I was at KB and they had their exclusive red and yellow clone troopers at the westroads. they looked to be in good shape. And that's about it.
  4. Arena Playstet and Republic Gunships in Omaha

    I have found the arena playset and the republic gunship in Omaha!!! the playset was at wal-mart and the gunship was at target. Let me know if you want exact locations.
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    New 12" wave

    I was at K-mart and found the 12" Dooku wave with the super battle droid and zam. Along with that, I found some more of the Ki adi mundi wave and the Padme and anakin Unleashed. Please follow up if...
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    I see since all the wal-mart exclusives are gone,...

    I see since all the wal-mart exclusives are gone, that somebody out there saw this post. There are also 14 cases of figures in the backroom. But good luck getting somebody to get them out for...
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    New Figures in Omaha!!!

    I have had some good luck here in good old Omaha, NE. I have found the Wal-mart exclusives, along with the Darth Maul wave and ki-adi mundi waves. Along with tons of new He-Man figures, and...
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