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    Poll: Are you guys crazy?!!?!?!? Death Star Express...

    Are you guys crazy?!!?!?!? Death Star Express Bar. We need Kamino. It could be a landing platform area with enough room for Slave One. On the other side could be a bunch of clones and Jangos room....
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    Star Pics and Cereal Pens for Trade

    I am down to my last two Starpics. I need the following.

    Green Padme
    Blue Jango

    I have to trade the following.

    Star Pics
    4x Green Yoda
    1x Green Dooku
  3. Poll: Destroy the classics

    I personally hope they change everything so that it is updated. I love the classics as much as anyone, but you have to advance with time. In a perfect world Lucas would keep adding and changing the...
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