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    It's good to have the forums back. Now I have a...

    It's good to have the forums back. Now I have a legitimate reason to screw around at work again.
  2. Poll: I've seen Leia, Barada, and Bib with more Barada...

    I've seen Leia, Barada, and Bib with more Barada sightings by far. Seeing as how he's one-per-pack it looks like noone in my area wants him. I've just bought Leia so far and am only going to get...
  3. Poll: I'll keep my eye out for it but I'm not going on...

    I'll keep my eye out for it but I'm not going on any extra trips until they come out en masse.
  4. Poll: Re: Would you purchase collectibles from video games?

    I've never bought one so I voted no. The games are way too expensive for my tastes when they come out. I wait until the price drops, so by then all the exclusives would be gone.
  5. Poll: Re: Will you be collecting Star Wars Transformers?

    I'm not surprised that by far the largest category chosen in this poll is "definitely not." These things look like they are cheap knockoffs of regular Transformers crafted in a chinese opium den. I...
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    Poll: Re: Is Star Wars Over?

    Yeah, it's definitely over as we know it. All the side stuff like the EU books, the Clone Wars cartoons and the rest are just the gristle on the tri tip steak that were the movies. I was convinced...
  7. Poll: Re: Who is at fault for Anakin's fall to the Dark Side?

    It's his own fault. He chose not to follow the good council being shared with him by Yoda and OB1 and took the easy way out by listening to the silver-tounged devil Palpatine. People get screwed...
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    Re: What have you found?

    Found a lone Sentry last night at WM. I'm all caught up now. I feel for some of you guys in dry areas. I used to live in SoCal and sometimes finding stuff due to the numerous collectors and...
  9. Poll: Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I just found the Mustafar Sentry last night, so that brings me up to speed including the three repainted clones.

    I still have yet to find the Tarkin wave on the pegs. I got mine through a trade...
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    Re: What have you found?

    I think this case has been hitting my local WMs (UT). I found a ton of AT-RT and OB1 pilots last night with several Vaders and actually a couple of Maces. No #56, though. That's all I'm looking...
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    Re: What have you found?

    I checked mine out on Sat. since I was tipped off about the pending reset. It was crapola. They crammed their 100+ Neimoidians into half the space, meaning that there will be no new basic figs for...
  12. Poll: Re: Which Star Wars Movie Has The Best High-Speed Chase?

    An interesting poll. I really like all the chases, especially the speeder bike one since it made me feel like I was going to bash into a tree at any moment when I first saw it. However, I'll be the...
  13. Poll: Re: Which Star Wars movie had the best Jedi death scene?

    Dang stilla, ease up! It's just a personal preference poll, not picking the next Pres. or anything. :)

    I'd say Vader for me. I think it had the greatest impact on the whole saga having it come...
  14. Poll: Re: Of all the prequels, from which did you buy the most collectibles?

    Without a doubt EP1. I have more from just the Hasbro line from that movie than total AOTC+ROTS items. I went totally nuts went it came out and bought pretty much every Hasbro item available...
  15. Poll: Re: How do you rate Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

    I gave it a three. I was let down with how the whole movie unfolded. I guess after wondering how the whole thing would end (or would it be how the OT would start?) for 20 years or so my vision was...
  16. Poll: Re: How Many Times Have You Seen Episode III So Far?

    I've seen it twice, once each Sat. since the release. My first time through I really didn't like it. Went on 5/28 with a bunch of collector buddies and had a blast. Seinfeld was wrong--going to a...
  17. Poll: Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    I spent around $130 on MM and $21 yesterday on 33-36. I already spent $15 on the Lego JSF set a few weeks ago. I wanted to go hog wild like I did for EP2, but I figured that several items would...
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