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    Re: POTF2 ERRORS needed

    I have a FB Anakin with Darth Vaders actual flashback.

    i know you have tons of stuff swjunk.

    im looking for legit OC with holos (excluding yoda, stormie and ben), SOTE coll. 1 leia, fett...
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    Poll: Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    I spent nothing. I know hasbro will totally make too many of these figs, just like Ep I and II. Im waiting for clearence. It just seems the way to go, learning from past mistakes.:frus:
  3. Poll: Re: Was Obi-Wan Lying to Luke about Anakin/Vader?

    He was just streching the truth. Luke wasnt ready to find out Vader was his father. SOme things are better off unknown.
  4. Poll: Re: What do you think of Hasbro's Ep III:ROTS packaging?

    Ditto. and the new packages look too cartoony. and the fact it looks like a ..... makes it unappealing also.:ermm:
  5. Poll: Re: Which of these vehicles & playsets would you most suggest to Hasbro?

    i dont really collect the play sets....but a death star throne room would be sweet, thats where my vote lies. AT-TE is the most plausable though. i can see that getting made before anything.
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    Poll: Re: What do you think of the VOTC line?

    its fantastic...but a bit pricey just for a star case, more plastic for 5 more bucks? o well, they are cool looking, since iwasnt around when the now vintage figs were out. :(
  7. Poll: Re: Will You Attend a SSG Forums Party at Celebration 3?

    wish i could, but im in school soon.:(
  8. Poll: Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    The new ones look really cool, with the color and glitter effect. The new ones look more like they did in the movies. (as spirits) I think the old blue ones should be used as holographs, and the new...
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