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  1. Toys R Us Saga Poster in SEATTLE AREA?

    hey just wanted to know if anyone in the seattle or tacoma area is finding the toys r us star wars saga poster.
    please indicate which store.
  2. Any Count Dooku Figs in SEATTLE AREA?

    hey anyone in the SEATTLE WASHINGTON AREA finding the elusive count dooku figure(dark lord), i have all of the figures but this one.
    if you have found one please let me know where and which ...
  3. EP 2 PREVIEW FIGURES found in Bremerton Washington, Wooh-Hooh!

    hey fellow collectors,
    i was suprised to find the EPISODE 2 PREVIEW FIGURES stocked at my local walmart in Bremerton, WA. my walmart usually never has anything stocked. the pegs were overflowing...
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    Episode 2 Preview Figures Found in Bremerton Washington WALMART!

    hey fellow star wars junkies
    i found the episode 2 preview figures at walmart in Bremerton Washington.
    they had just stocked them on march 7th (thats what the price tag indicated).
    all four are...
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