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  1. Poll: If it's a repack I'm passing

    Barada...left him...I have him in the three pack.

    I may leave Reiken, Veers...although hes not "seeable" in the AT AT so I might buy him.

    No Kit Bash can keep your snowtrooper.

  2. Poll: Chewie repaint?

    Of which collection? I was trying to locate him in my POTJ lot, but I didn't see him.
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    Re: How about an exclusives section

    OK, old thread but a new urgency to the request...WE NEED AN EXCLUSIVES SECTION!!!!

    I am losing track rapidly on what all is out there and how Hasbro is going to hose me next...

    Please!!! A...
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    Poll: Re: What ROTS Figures Are You Caught Up To?

    I have none!!!

    Kebco never shipped 1-44 to me and I have not seen ANY other waves at retail.

    If you told me 3 months after the movie I would not have ONE single carded figure...
  5. Poll: Re: Are you going to call in sick to see Episode III?

    I said yes, but it's actually a vacation day. Everyone would be onto me.
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    Poll: Re: How do you rate the ROTS Theatrical Trailer?

    Hand me a tissue I have to clean up that was so exciting.


    I have to find that somewhere on the net!!!!!!!

    Need to see it again and share with others!!!
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    How about an exclusives section

    Just easier to find info as sometimes it is hard to catagorize what "wave" certain exclusives belong in...
  8. Poll: Re: Which of these vehicles & playsets would you most suggest to Hasbro?

    Wow you think? I had a great time playing with that set as is evidenced by that being one of the worst conditioned items I have today. The light in vaders chamber, the escape hatch, the pegs on the...
  9. Poll: Re: Where do you get the majority of your Star Wars toys?

    KEBCO is the front runner. One of every fig and deluxe fig. Vehicles at TRU, and of course if there is an exclusive elsewhere, I'll try to get it there, but I am not really near a targetor Walmart...
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    Poll: Re: Are you a loose or carded collector?

    I'm a MIP collector.
    Dindae, nice collection, looks familiar, except for all the doubles.
    Also, I am a MIP every vehicle cinema scene, scene pack everything. THat is the stuff that really takes...
  11. Poll: Re: Would you prefer a unified forum for older Hasbro lines, or separate?

    Leave them separate. If you ever have a ? about an Ep I item, it'll get completely lost in a sea of everything else.

    Don't do it!!!!!

    If anything, I think they could use more catagories.
  12. Poll: Wait a minute

    I paid for a fan club membership in I reading these posts right that I am not a FC member now? Then where is my prorated refund if that is the case.

    I want 7/12ths of my membership...
  13. Poll: Re: What do you think of the Fan Club/Hyperspace merger?

    It stinks!!!!!!!! More $, less issues. And this got ten "It's great" votes so far? SW fans can't be that stupid!

    I have said it before and I'll say it again, I'm out! Who needs it. Who wants...
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    Poll: All I want.

    Sly Moore: Palpatine's Aide
    Pablo-Jill: Jedi Master
    Dorme: Padme's Handmaiden
    Corde: Padme's Decoy
    Cligg Lars: Tatooine Homestead
    Owen Lars: Tatooine Homestead
    Beru Whitesun: Tatooine Homestead...
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