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    count me in

    count me in
  2. Poll: Re: Has your opinion of ROTS changed after seeing it again?

    I have seen this films a few times in the theaters and about 4 more times at home. (A family member gave me a copy of the Russian version of the film on DVD last week - the opening credits and...
  3. Poll: Re: Which of these vehicles & playsets would you most suggest to Hasbro?

    I put my $.02 in for the Throne Room playset.

    Just imagine if they did this right with working lights; The Emperor with his Thone (w/ lighted buttons); Awesome Luke & Vader sculpts; A pair of...
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    Poll: Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    I would like to see a combination of the two. I like the blue haze of the original version but I was very disappointed with the holo Luke with speckling. If they could blend the two I think they...
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    Poll: Re: What Do You Think of the OT DVD Package?

    I actually thought that some of the other examples that made their way to the ewb looked far more appealing. I especially liked the packging with the Green and Red highlights.
  6. Poll: What I would like to see is...

    A cinema scene based on the original poster of Star Wars w/ Luke and Leia and R2 & 3PO with a Vader's helmet background

    - The classic buddy pose with R2 & C-3PO

    Other ideas:
    - TPM - Qui-Gon &...
  7. Poll: My $.02...

    I for one would LOVE to see a 12" scale Jabba! I think it is a bit over due.

    I do enjoy the fact that they are resculpting figures that really did need some re-working done to them. ON the...
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