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  1. Poll: Re: How do you rate Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

    I have only seen ROTS far. I saw it at the first midnight showing down here, in Covington, LA, near Slidell, LA where I live. I want to see it a second time at a different, better...
  2. Poll: Re: Are you going to call in sick to see Episode III?

    Well, I requested the 19th off over two weeks ago at work. I got my ticket for the 12:01am midnight show on the 19th too. So, I have voted "no, why bother" because I am off already on the 19th. I...
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    My Star Wars finds in Slidell, LA

    Hi fellow collectors in Louisiana! I have found some great Star Wars toys and collectibles on the "northshore" in Slidell, LA. I got the "Lava Reflection" Darth Vader Target exclusive on 4/2. I also...
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    Poll: Re: Where are you buying toys on April 2nd?

    I'll try to get to Target the morning of April 2 to get my claim ticket for the Lava Darth Vader exclusive. But, I'm sure I'll go by my two Wal-Mart Supercenters in town and get some things on the...
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