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    St. Peters, MO #28 - #35 Found

    The Wal*Mart at 94 / Jungerman had both of the new waves this morning. They had quite a few of each except for the Luke Bespin, which they only had one of??? Otherwise they had a few each of Mace,...
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    St. Peters, MO - #32 through #35

    I found the Qui-Gon wave this morning at the 94 / Jungerman Wal*Mart. Included in the wave are...

    #32 Qui-Gon Jinn
    #33 Endor Rebel Soldier
    #34 Massiff
    #35 Orn Free Taa

    There were...
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    St. Louis, MO - AOTC finds at Kohl's

    If you can't wait until next week, here is what I found today...

    Bridgeton Store

    Mini puzzles
    Several to choose from

    Game of Life - Star Wars Edition

    Collection 1 Action Figures @...
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    St. Peters, MO - Tie Bomber & Snowspeeder

    The St. Peters Wal*Mart (94 & Jungerman) had the Tie Bomber & Snowspeeder as of this morning. They received 3 of each vehicle, so I bought one set for myself and left the others.

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    O'Fallon, MO - AOTC First Wave of Figures

    The O'Fallon Wal*Mart had several AOTC items on the shelves this morning. Several pegs of the first wave of figures, including Female Tusken, Battle Droid, Plo Koon, Captian Typho, Shaak Ti, and...
  6. UPDATE...

    As it turns out the person that bought the other set this morning sent me an email this afternoon and said that he does not want to keep them. If anyone local is interested let me know...the cost...
  7. St. Louis, MO - AOTC 12" Figures at Wal*Mart

    Found a wave of 12" AOTC figures this morning at the St. Ann Wal*Mart. The wave included Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the Clone Trooper. I found them right above a floor decal about EPII. The floor decal...
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    St. Charles, MO - Teebo Wave!

    Found the Teebo wave this morning at the Zumbehl Wal*Mart in St. Charles. They only received one case, so I picked one set up for myself and another set for someone local. I am waiting to here from...
  9. Good deal...


    Great news!!! I found the Clone Trooper yesterday at the St. Ann Wal*Mart, but it was the only figure they had. The lady that stocks overnight told me this morning that she had 6 or 7...
  10. Sold!!!


    I actually live in St. Charles too, so if you want to meet somewhere in St. Charles that will be fine. Send me a "private message" and we can work something out.
  11. St. Louis, MO - Hasbro Jedi Starfighter! (Not the Lego set!)

    I just found the Hasbro AOTC Jedi Starfighter this morning at the St. Ann Wal*Mart (on the Rock Road just east of Lindberg). The price was $19.76. I bought two of them, one for myself and one to...
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    St. Peters, MO AT-ST Found!

    The TRU at Mid Rivers had the AT-ST as of yesterday evening around 5:15. I bought one, but there were 2 remaining. You may want to call first (636-397-5000) before you travel.
  13. obi-dad, I picked my Anakin Masterpiece off of...


    I picked my Anakin Masterpiece off of eBay last year sometime, although I think I only paid about $25 for it. I bought my C-3PO from Amazon last year as well when it was on sale for...
  14. St. Louis, MO - Aurra Sing Masterpiece $19.99!

    Per Sirsteve's news a couple days ago about reports of the Sing Masterpiece showing up for $19.99, I decided to call a few Waldenbooks yesterday (3/4/02). Bingo! The Waldenbooks at the Galleria...
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