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  1. Good riddance! The appeal of the original...

    Good riddance! The appeal of the original trilogy was that the special affect and story were there. The new trilogy was Lucas selling out and trying to make everyone happy. Those cgi affects will...
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    ROTS for trade obviously

    I have...

    Comander Bly
    Commander Bakara
    At-Rt Driver
    501st Clone
    Target exclusive Red circle clone
    Target exclusive Shadow clone (Utaupan)
    Cannon firing Yoda
    Preview Grievous
  3. Trade MR sabers & TLC Leia for TLC Cody

    1) I was wondering if anyone wants to trade a ANH Luke fx for a ROTS Anakin one.

    2) I also want to trade a MR AOTC Anakin full size LE for a ROTS Anakin full size LE.

    3) I have a Legacy...
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