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  1. Poll: Re: Of all the prequels, from which did you buy the most collectibles?

    Definitely ROTS.
    Before that I bought mostly ANH & ESB with a few EP1 & EP2 figures here and there.

    I'm a big collector of anything Fett, Vader, or Imperial.
  2. Poll: Re: How do you rate Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

    Overall, as a movie I thought it was sub-par. As a SW movie it was pretty good when held against the last two.
    Doesn't touch the OTC for some very obvious reasons:
    1. Bad acting (there is no...
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    Poll: Re: How much did you spend on April 2nd?

    Dec-dave, you are my hero. ;-)

    I had a great day. Lots of retail nearby so I got to experience a lot.
    Target #1 - 8AM
    Hit my closest Target at opening, didn't get a Lava Vader. Got an...
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    Poll: Re: Where are you buying toys on April 2nd?

    Get this sick-o schedule:
    I get home from work at 4:30AM, sleep for 3 hrs, get up and be at Target by 8AM for my Lava Vader, then hit the other three Targets within an hour of my house and see if I...
  5. Poll: Re: What do you think of Hasbro's Attacktix and Force Battlers?

    Force Battlers:
    The Vader in the Force Battlers is kind of cool with the shoulder pads and the sheild so I will pick that one up, but the other characters are too distorted and really don't resemble...
  6. Poll: Re: Was Obi-Wan Lying to Luke about Anakin/Vader?

    Philisophical response:
    To call it lying is rather harsh. Obi-Wan was a teacher of jedi padawans. and in that order, you are as much like a parent as you are a teacher. Often times a parent must...
  7. Poll: Re: What do you think of Hasbro's Ep III:ROTS packaging?

    I'm going neutral on this one for a couple of reasons.

    Reasons I'm OK with it
    1. It's only going to be a few months before another line with a new look is released. You never have to endure...
  8. Poll: Re: Did you like the Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Trailer?

    I thought the inclusion of ANH was a disappointing at first (expecting the whole trailer to be a big tease) but then when that voice......THAT VOICE said Lord Vader...rise, I tripped. The second...
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