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  1. Poll: I didn't get any SW for X-Mas, which is fine...

    I didn't get any SW for X-Mas, which is fine since no one would know what to get me anyways. I did buy myself plenty of SW goods of course, and I got some really awesome non-SW stuff from my...
  2. Poll: Re: Which video game would you like to see collectibles from?

    I beleive there's already action figure lines for all the games listed above except Half Life. I have a Halo2 figure myself, and it's very nice :yes:
  3. Poll: Re: Which of the new Battle Packs will you collect?

    Jedi vs Sith (already bought) - mainly for Ani and Assaj, and the Obi-Wan makes for some good custom fodder. You can make adecent General Obi out of him with a little effort.

    Jedi Temple Assault...
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    Re: New Section: Gentle Giant

    I agree, make a GG section already!

    If Master replicas gets one, GG should for sure.
  5. Poll: Re: Which Star Wars movie had the best Jedi death scene?

    My favorite would have to be ANH. Vader/Obi-Wan - classic Star Wars in every way. Now after seeing ROTS, I like it even more.

    ROTJ would be next. The Vader and Yoda scenes had heavy impact on me...
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    Re: Burger King Vader

    Right on Beckmen,
    That's a lot more realistic than your previous list. You might actually get some traders now! ;)
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    Re: Anyone Want A BK Vader?

    No kidding. One of these vehicles or $20 for a $1 kids meal toy? Too funny. lol

    The really funny thing was pointed out in the other thread - they are 5 per case each week, but they will be in...
  8. Re: I am having an isssue in posting every so often....

    You know, I remember that happening with me a while back as well. I'm not sure when it stopped (or why), but it doesn't do it anymore.

    Have you deleted your cookies and temp files lately? If...
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