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    Sounds pretty good. I'd be interested.

    Sounds pretty good. I'd be interested.
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    Poll: Re: Is Star Wars Over?

    My opinion on this matter is that star wars will not be dead or over. I do agree that once episode 3 and the clone wars dvds are released there will be a huge drop in the Star Wars franchise. But it...
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    Re: Props section

    Wow......Thanks! :D
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    Re: Props section

    Yes, I get it that that is what it's already called, but all of the topics in there seem to be strictly MR. I figured people who see the main heading, MR, so they just talk about that. That's what I...
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    Props section

    My simple idea is just change the master replicas section to simply Props and that way people can post anything in regards to props and not just limit it to MR.
  6. Poll: Re: Which Star Wars Movie Has The Best High-Speed Chase?

    That's a tough one, I must say. However when I first read the question the first thing I thought of was the Lando chase in the second death star. I would have to go with that one with the speeder...
  7. Poll: Re: It's been a month, do you plan on seeing Ep 3 again in theaters?

    I probably won't see it again in the theaters. I've seen it twice and if I really wanted to I could get a bootleg from a friend of mind and watch it again and again in the comfort of my own home. If...
  8. Poll: Re: Which Star Wars movie had the best Jedi death scene?

    I have to agree completely. What sells it for me is the look on Ki's face when he turns around and see's the clones aiming their rifles at him. Incredibly powerful scene. I actually feel pain for him.
  9. Poll: Re: Of all the prequels, from which did you buy the most collectibles?

    You know I voted for AOTC because I bought more figures from there, but when I actually thought about it, I have more revenge of the sith products. It is the better of the 3.
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    Re: New Forum Section idea

    How about a forum where we can display our toy collections?
  11. Re: You suggest a poll - an "add your ideas thread."

    Well I guess it is technically a SW vs. Trek but if everyone keeps it civil it would be an interesting debate. I really would like to know what would win, Death Star or the Borg Cube and a good...
  12. Re: You suggest a poll - an "add your ideas thread."

    Based on the new post listed on the front page about which is better, star trek or star wars, after reading that it got me thinking. It mentioned in that small notice, who would win death star or the...
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    Server issues?

    I've noticed over the past couple of days that the site has been inaccessable. Is there any work being done to the servers at all? I assume that it's probably too many users trying to hit the site at...
  14. Poll: Re: Have you bought your tickets to Ep III yet?

    I got mine! 2 tickets for the 7pm showing in my area so I can go right after work and it's not too late so I'm not up all night seeing it and then driving home to go to sleep to get up early for work...
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    Re: Massachusetts Thread

    I found the red guard and a blue sabered #35 palpatine between Walmart No.Reading and Target Somerville.
  16. Poll: Re: Which of these vehicles & playsets would you most suggest to Hasbro?

    I agree entirely. I think what Hasbro should do is like go with one of these choices, like Echo Base, or Mos Eisley, and build multiple small sets that all connect to one big play set. That way they...
  17. Poll: Re: Which of these vehicles & playsets would you most suggest to Hasbro?

    Definitely the emperors room on the death star. But I would add another choice and have Jabba's sail barge. Have it be a ship that can fold open to be the playset inside.
  18. Poll: Re: Where do you get the majority of your Star Wars toys?

    It really all depends on where I am at the time. If I am either of the stores listed when I see something I like, I buy it, but I guess generally I will go with TRU because of its proximity to my...
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