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    Nikto : Jedi Knight?

    Was his hood meant to come off at first?

    Cause it looks like they sculpted a whole head underneath it, I wish it came off.

    I also wish it had more articulation.

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    They did scuplt a whole head underneath, I pulled the entire robe off him, it was difficult, but the figure actually looks a lot better w/ out the robe IMO. His head is a cool sculpt and he can hold his lightsaber in a slightly different position than what his robe limits him to.

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    Did you have to cut the robe any?

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    Yep, he looks great without the robes. Definatly going to get a second one of him to customize as a robeless version. Need to do an arm swap, or re-paint the sleeves to match his Jedi robes color though. Of course, just repainting them will leave them somewhat baggy and the wrong texture.

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    I had to cut mine off.
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    I haven't seen him in the movie with his robes - is it in there? There is a Nikto (I think) going nuts with a saber but he's not wearing white - it's brown (his undercoat perhaps?) . . . is that the same guy?

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    I didn't have to cut my Nikto's robes, I just pulled real hard and swore a lot.
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    Yeah, you can see Nikto Jedi(the figure version) on the Arena Battle scene just right of Obi Wan, before Dooku orders the Droids to stop shooting, but hes robeless.
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    Originally posted by Battle Droid
    Did you have to cut the robe any?
    I bought this figure yesterday and didn't have to cut anything, just turn his arms the right way and pull. Putting it back on wasn't even that hard, and again, no cutting. Heck, since he's got a white painted tunic under his regular brown robe on his torso, his white arms didn't even look out of place, he just looked like he was wearing a brown vest with a white shirt. The head is indeed fully-sculpted underneath. I too wish this figure had more articulation, both at the hips and the elbows.
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    Okay, I got it off him.


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