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Thread: NYC finds

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    NYC finds

    Hey haven't seen a NYC thread started so I figured (no pun intended) I would. C'mon with 10.3 million people, there must be some collectors in the area!

    I'll start Newark TRU had the usual peg warmers...

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    OK, I'll Bite...

    Yesterday @ Times Square TRU (figs now $4.99):
    POTJ: Had plenty of Zuttons and Eeth Koths, several Landos, R5s, Tesseks, FX-7s, Rebel Troopers, etc.
    AOTC: Had a couple of Yodas, lots of Clone Troopers and Mace Windus, but no more Bespin Lukes or Vaders. Did have the 12" Jango though for $43.

    (Oh, and you now get the E1 widescreen VHS free with ANY SW purchase. I'll be giving them out as stocking stuffers this year.)

    Yesterday @ Manhattan Mall KB Toys (figs now $4.99):
    Found a random Royal Guard, but no sign of the 12" Clone Troopers.


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    Hooray for New York, How many times have I tried to start this thread?

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    I've seen a few red and yellow 12" clone troopers at KB in the galleria mall in westchester today. Last week they had 5 cases of vaders and lukes but I still haven't seen any palpy's or Puhr's. The only two left to finish my collection----this week.

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    There's a huge amount of 12" jango fett in the tru in The bronx-Bay Plaza. I think someone forgot that they had a huge shipment, and finally unpacked it.

    'bout 20 or so.


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    Times Squre TRU 6/23

    Finally had plenty of Royal Guards, Luminara Undulli's, and Taun We's. Also had tons of Clone Troopers, got a shipment of the preview figs, and had a bunch of the POTJ Zutton, FX-7, and AOTC Bespin waves. Didn't see any new Deluxe figs or the Acklay. (I also don't remember seeing any of the 12" figs, but I probably just didn't walk thru the whole section in my haste today)

    ... rumor has it that they had Han Solo and the Orn Free Taa wave earlier in the week, and that the Chewbacca wave should be in next week...


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    ...and one more thing...

    ...forgot to mention that they had a whole bin of Anakin Outland Peasant and Super Battle Droids for $1.90!!! If you need to build an army, head on over to TRU!


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    got a few super battle droids yesterday, getting more today! what a deal for $1.90!

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    latest 9 figures spotted in KB's

    Saw all 9:
    Endor rebel

    at 2 KB's in Manhattan but only picked up Palpatine & Djas

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    Last check of Times Sq TRU, early this week, tons of 12" Jangos very cool, I must say though the price is a bit high $43....


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