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Thread: NYC finds

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    Teemto & Ki-Adi @ KB

    saw these 2 guys @ KB in Manhattan

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    Times Square TRU 7/28

    You name it, they had it today (almost). Grabbed Orn Free Taa, Geonosan w/Massiff, Palpatine, Obi-Wan Pilot, and Djas Pur; and they also had plenty of Hans, Chewies, and Rebel Soldiers.

    No Ki-Adi-Mundi or Teemto though, and they still haven't received the X-Wing.

    (BTW - If you go there looking for anything in particular, make sure you ask... They usually have more of everything in the back, and they're more than willing to help you out if you ask nicely. - Hat's off to the folks who work there!)


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    Times Square TRU 8/4

    Some figs as last week, but also had about a dozen of the exclusive X-Wings for $39.99 each.


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    Anyone know if any of the new stuff has hit Queens, NY yet? I cannot find Ki-Adi...
    Go on over to JediForce! It's the awesome Star Wars, LOTR, and Miscellaneous Things site for teenagers!

    And support the Unleashed Coleman Trebor petition!

    "If you think about it, being a cereal mascot is the worst job on the planet. I mean, they'll never give that rabbit some Trix, those kids will never leave that leprechaun alone, and Fred will never stop Barney from swiping his Pebbles..."

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    Manhattan Mall KB Toys 8/10

    Nothing new on the 3/4" or 12" front, but for those who are interested, they had around a half dozen Playskool Millenium Falcon sets at $27.99, as well as the x-wing and Naboo fighter sets. Also had the Jedi Dex for $34.99.


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    trying to keep this thread from being buried, or is it worth it?
    I found all the new unleashed stuff at a Kay bee on LI so I would imagine That it is availible in the city. Nothing new at Times Square though. Has anyone found anything past The Ki adi wave around?

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    Staten Island, New York

    Staten Island, NY findings

    Nothing new really...everything up to the JSP Obi-Wan wave, including both versions of Han, but excluding Jango and Boba Fett (KE), as well as HD Anakin, Yoda, and Count Dooku...this goes for TRU on Richmond, as well as KB in the SI Mall, by the way. Oh and TRU still has some AT-ST's and jsut got in more X-Wings

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    Times Square TRU has gotten the 25th Landspeeder, and they also put a ton of stuff on clearance for $1.90. Worth checking out. Perhaps this means we will get some new assortments in there.

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    Times Square TRU 9/15 I brush the dust off this thread...

    DIdn't see anything new on the 3 3/4" front (although I got there 2 1/2 hours after opening and the pegs weren't jammed to capacity as they usually are), but they had the 12" Dooku, Super Battle Droid, and Zam Wessell, as well as 2 12" Luke w/Tauntauns for $59.99 a pop.


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    Got Padme Couruscant Attack, Clone Pilot, Jango Pilot, and TA Anakin at Software ETC today. Also TRU has got the Electronic R2. + New 12" wave.
    that's all


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