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Thread: NYC finds

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    Times Square TRU 9/29

    Nothing new on the 3 3/4" figure front, but had a bunch of the Republic Gunships at $43.99 each, still had a couple of Lanspeeders, 12" Luke + Tauntauns, the Unleashed figs, and the Action Fleet X-Wing and TIE Advanced.

    Still waiting for them to get anything past the Chewie wave...


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    Hitman, what time of the day do you normally go to the Times Square Store?

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    I usually plan on getting there when they open at 11 on Sunday, but by the time I drag my butt out of bed, I usually don't show up until around 1!


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    anything new out there?

    Last new thing that I saw was the Republic Gunship at TRU-Times Square plus a lonely, damaged Lott Dodd @ KB-34th St...neither of which I bought.

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    I picked up just about everything past Chewy at a KB in Forest Hills, I wound up buying 12 figures, it seems for now Out of the way KB's are the best bet (not 34th).

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    Hi, I'm a new member, an first of all I'd like to say you a big sorry for my english because I don't speak english very well. Ok, maybe you could help me. On november I will be in Manhattan and I would like you to tell me where could I find action figures (from Episode I, because I haven't completed my collection yet, an sga collection or power of the jedi). I have some directions: toys 'R Us in Times square, in Union Square, KB Toys in Herald Square... is this information correct? Another place in Manhattan? Thank you for your help.

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    Times Square TRU 10/13

    Not much to report... only new thing I saw today was the 12" electronic Jango & Obi-Wan. Passed on those but picked up a 12" Dooku to open. Still have plenty of the Republic Gunships, and exclusive X-Wings, Landspeeders, and 12" Luke + Tauntauns. Nothing new on clearance either. Hoping that news item last week on TRUs clearing out the old stock and bringing in the new between 10/15 & 10/30 turns out to be true...

    Ironsaviour - Personally, if I don't buy it at retail, I tend not to buy it at all (occasionally I'll order something through Brian's Toys if I really want it), but the only secondary market place I ever pop into around here is Forbidden Planet on Broadway and 13th Street - their older stuff changes regularly. Can anyone else help Ironsaviour out?


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    Yeah, I think the city is pretty dead for toy finds particularly older stuff, but like Hit man said, Forbidden Planet has a Fair selection of POTJ. Other then that...there is this awful ripoff of a store on 33rd, but I wouldn't send anybody there. I am hitting TRU in the morning so I will post if there is anything interesting.

    On another note...Is anyone going to that Masters of the Universe event on Friday? I sure as hell am!

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    thank you hitman, thank you covergedw for your information. Do you know somwthing new about the tydirium shuttle? Maybe on Christmas?

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    one more question. Someone told me that trs use to have big discounts on thanksgiving day. But could someone tell me when is eactly? Maybe the day before? Thank you.


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