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Thread: NYC finds

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    Discounts??? I don't think so, The Day AFTER Thanksgiving( which falls on Nov.28) is known as black friday, and someplaces have sales from 6am until 10 or 11, but Star Wars Stuff is rarely included, with the exception of the Hasbro purge a few years back, and also Manhattan store locations often tend to not follow Mainstream store sales.

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    Day after Thanksgiving... went to TRU at opening 6 of the 7 years since the SW line came back in 1995 and my biggest only score was an E1 Darth Sideous Hologram in 2000. Not worth the effort IMHO (last year was the year I finally skipped)


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    Yeah Hitman, I've never really found much that morning, but, I think it's hysterical to watch parents fight over toys, moms vs. moms.
    By the way, checked TRU Times Square today, figures are decimated, but they got the Geonsis Arena in.

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    Question: Has anyone pre-ordered the Imperial Shuttle From FAO? They just wrote my name down, no deposit.

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    Times Square TRU 10/20

    Same old 3 3/4" stuff, but had the Action Fleet AT-TE, Solar Sailor, and Naboo Fighter. Still had plenty of the Gunships, Interactive R2s, exclusive X-Wings, Landspeeders, and 12" Luke + Tauntauns, and I saw the Unleashed Vader for the first time today. Didn't see any more Geonosis Arenas anywhere though...

    (And no, I haven't ordered the Shuttle yet... still trying to decide if I'm holding a bake sale for the Shuttle or the LEGO Star Destroyer...)


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    Does anybody know when is going to be released the imperial shuttle?

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    The shuttle is scheduled for Late DEC. I think, but have been hearing january dates thrown around.
    Checked Union Square TRU they had Anakin TA, Darth Maul ST, but that's it, better then Times Square TRU

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    Times Square TRU 10/27

    Good News/Bad News: The Bad News is that they STILL haven't swapped out their old inventory yet... The Good News is that they had a bunch of figs on clearance seemingly at random for $1.90. Myself, I picked up a half dozen Endor Rebel Soldiers. Still plenty of the exclusives left.


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    Passed by yesterday to find a bunch of Teemto & Maul-ST but no Lott's nor Clone pilots.

    As for TRU-Times Square, missed out on the clearanced Endor Rebels (dang).

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    In the Bay Plaza TRU they had the Silver R2 early. I got mine!

    they also had in:
    Padme pilot
    Jang Pilot
    Lott dod
    lots of yoda's and T.A ani's and the sliver electronic saber.

    No Mace or Doku unleashed

    The unleashed figures ring up with the silver r2 promo, so you don't have to have a cupon or a $20 purchase!!

    I have 2 more R2's if anyone's intrested.

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