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Thread: NYC finds

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    Got my Silver R2 @ Times Square this morning, I forgot how insane those stores get at this time of year. Nothing new I picked up the 12" Dooku to get the R2. If anyone is into simpsons they did get the Main Street playset in.

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    Shoot, CDW... I didn't know they had the silver R2 in stock... I stopped in quickly on Sunday as I was trying to catch a flight out and passed up on a non-SW item I wanted because the line was crazy.

    I also passed up on TA Anakin, Maul, and Padme at KB's at Manhattan Mall. Had plenty when I was there.


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    i was happy to see more of the preview clone troopers in stock at times square. not much left though. got 2 silver r2's there.

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    Slow Slow Slow...
    Found remnants of the Ephant Mon Wave at 34th st. K-mart, they had a teemto, lott dod, Tusken Raider w/ massif, and the new deluxe asst. They also have the Geonosian arena for $34, even though it is marked $50. That Times Square TRU is starting to nausiate me.

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    Times Square TRU 11/17

    Well CDW, looks like you were there one day too early... Had all the newer figs today and still had plenty left. Picked up Clone Pilot, Jango, Teemto, Ki Adi Mundi, Lott Dodd, Watto, and Tusken w/Massiff. No sign of Elephant Mon, but I did pick up the silver R2. Also were out of the $9.99 DVD, but was told they'd have more tomorrow.


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    I just picked him up.

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    Times Square TRU 11/24

    Thanks CDW! Got there a little after opening today and snagged 2 of the 6 Elephant Mons they had... rest were gone before I left (except for one waaaaay up on the top peg). Otherwise, same as last week. Hoping they get more Clone Troopers by Friday. (Also got what I believe was the last silver R2 as they didn't have any signs, I had to ask if they still had them, and they had to dig around behind the registers before they found one.)

    BTW, Anyone ever find the Acklay or any Deluxe past the first wave in NYC?


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    OK Hitman, here you go.
    If you go down 42nd st, there is a small holiday KB express store, it's right across from AMC. I was there yesterday morning, and they had a ton of Deluxe Yoda and Threepios. My Girlfriend went up to grab them for me today, because I forgot my wallet yesterday, and said there were still a ton of them left. As for waves three and four. FAO has wave 3, and I saw wave 4 at K-Mart a few times, and saw them at a few stores on LI this morning. I have never seen the Acklay in the city, but I am looking. Rock on.

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    OH yeah, I also found new unleashed at a LI KB today, as well as the AOTC Playskool set this morning, but I guess that doesn't really help you guys, at least it's around.

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    Originally posted by ConvergeDW
    If you go down 42nd st, there is a small holiday KB express store, it's right across from AMC.
    Can't believe I walk past there every day (on the opposite side of the street), and had failed to notice it. They're in the shuttered Museum Company space (they'll probably be gone after the holidays).

    Well, I stopped in yesterday to see what they had and found to my happiness several Clone pilots (bought a handful and left a couple on the rack) - my first Clones!!! Don't know why, but I stopped in again today to see if they had anything new ... AND LO! AND BEHOLD - I GOT MYSELF AN EPHANT MON!!! It was the only one they had, but it wasn't there yesterday, so who knows what will be there tomorrow. And there were still a couple Clone pilots. So check it out. (Now, if only I could find the other Clones).

    (All figures $4.99).


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