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    Hasbro We Want a Hermi Odle figure

    To Hasbro:

    I've seen that you undertook the big task of Ephant Mon(which looks fantastic btw) But now i'm starting this thread to show that collectors and fans would love for you to do a Hermi Odle figure. He has got to be one of the coolest looking aliens around and would make a great addition to the saga line. Also I'm putting this here to establish that we want a Yoxgit figure( He was a Ugnaught in Jabba's Palace that worked for Hermi Odle and was a bit bigger than those Ugnaughts seen on the cloud city. He donned a Red Jumpsuit and is very cool looking) He also would be great addition to either come with Hermi or have his own figure.
    PLEASE POST PICTURES OF HERMI ODLE AND YOXGIT HERE so people can see what they both look like. PICS and CCG cards all that. Please post your support here if you want these figures made and if you want them separate or in a cool 2 pack. Because I've wanted them since the first time I saw ROTJ in 1988. Thanks for your support. Also post if you want Hermi to have very nice cloth outfit or molded like the new Ephant figure. I myself would like molded vinyl. Hermi should Come with a blaster that actually can fit into his hand and may be holstered by his side. Also he should include a cane. And maybe even clear plastic removable drool that attaches to his mouth. Or maybe a mouth that is jointed so his tongue doesn't always hang out(would be great if done right) Let the FANS voice their opinions on what should be done and included. I want these figures badly


    PS : No gimmicks on the figures. NEUTRAL POSES with great sculpts and lot of articulation key words being ACTION and FIGURE not statue. have articulation in the neck, waste, wrists, elbows, hips, Knees, shoulders, and biceps if you can squeeze it all it. And a Holster or clip so the weapon/blaster may fit in on both figures
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    Yes, I am all for a Hermi Odle figure! I think he should have vinyl robes just so he can match the way Ephant Mon was sculpted.

    I think that Yoxgit would be best as a separate figure, unless Hasbro wants to do a Cinema Scene type thing with Hermi, Yoxgit and another Jabba's palace alien. Although their Cinema Scenes were never the best quality (probably why they weren't big sellers) so maybe having two separatly packaged figures is the way to go.
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    Yes seperately packed figures all the way to keep the quality at a reasonable level.

    Hermi is a must along with Yarna D'al gargan. The larger characters offer so much more value for money I feel.

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    I'd buy just about any of the characters from Jabba's court, especially Hermi Odle. And I'd like to throw Sgt Doallyan's name into the mix. I love the way Chewbacca tossed him against the wall and his story in Tales From Jabba's Palace was pretty good.
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    Love Hermie!!
    Once again I agree with you Jargo.
    And huge is good!!

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    I'd ;ove a hermi, he looks so sweet and would go great in my jabba scene.
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    Add me to this list, Jabba's palace is still my favorite scene from the saga. I'd love a Hermi, as well as a Gargan and most DEFINITELY a J'Quille (aka Tooth Face). I've wanted this guy made since I was 6! If you can make Djas Puhr Hasbro, give us these guys!!!
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    I would like one. I also feel that Yarna Da'l Gargan needs a figure done. Please Hasbro, make this figures.
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    Originally posted by saladin
    I'd ;ove a hermi, he looks so sweet and would go great in my jabba scene.
    I wouldn't say he looks sweet. He is rather ugly. But that's why we want him.
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    Alright, if we are all talking about Jabba's crew, could someone please tell me what the hell that 'thing' hanging from the ceiling is?


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