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    DV's Star Destroyer

    I am due an incomplete Star Destroyer tomorrow - can anyone provide a full list of the parts so I know what to hunt down?

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    4,156 might have some info for you.
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    Off the top of my head the parts list, apart from the main structural pieces goes something like:

    Battery Cover piece (on the roof I beleive)
    Three Red 'holographic' pieces of plastic (one long rectangular piece, a smaller square piece and a small round piece I think.)
    Three stands/feet
    A black trapdoor piece
    The front laser canon
    I think a bulb similar to the ATAT bulb was included

    Other than a few smaller pieces for the meditation chamber, which should still be attached there nothing else.

    I think there a set on instructions for sale on ebay UK if your're interested though.

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    Yeah - I'm one of the bidders!

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    The instructions are cool because they refer to the Emperor as the GRAND VIZIER.
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    What does that say about George's story that 'everything was in place' before he started writing ANH??
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    I don't like all that much, I find the navigation hard. has pretty good info and pics.
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