You guys asked for it. Here is the final run-off to rank your favorite Star Wars movies.

The Empire Strikes Back won the #1 spot as chosen by the most voters.

Coming in second in that poll, as well as on its own without ESB to challenge it, Attack of the Clones won the next spot.

A New Hope was given a run for its money while ESB was still in the mix, almost tying with ROTJ, but once on its own, while it could not beat AOTC, it did pound ROTJ.

Now we're ready to let the final round rank them where they fall.

It's Return of the Jedi versus The Phantom Menace.

Which will it be?

Ewoks or Gungans?

Dark Side Lightning or a 3-way Lightsaber Duel?

The Ending or the very Beginning?

You can decide now!

Here's your poll: