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    Talking Cheerios die cast

    surpised am I to hear that the Cheerios offer vailble is only in SW since live do I in the state next to where they are made.

    Anyway I found this offer in a local IGA store in West central Wisconsin.
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    I read where the offer was only available in the southeast.

    Either way, it sucks.

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    I live in NJ. . .we have the offer here. I just sent out for my set yesterday. I was under the impression that it was available throughout. . .that does suck. Actually alot of the boxes of cereal are now turning up with the lightsaber pens, and the Die-cast offers are becoming harder to locate.
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    Guess I'll just resort to ebay to getting the cars, I never saw the offers here.

    I'm trying to get a full set of all the Andretti cars with all the variants like I still am trying to get with the Gordon Pepsi E1 cars.
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    IVe seen most of the cereals with the die cast offers at KMart. Check those out just in case they are indeed in your area. I have a complete list of the cereals that come with the die cast offers and the other cool items, like the cup/bowl/ lightsaber pens and tattoos here.
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    Has Anyone that ordered these received them yet? And What does only in the SW mean?

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    Interesting; I found a few boxes at Target here in southern California (the SOUTH WEST). I went to another Target locally and their cereal prices were cheaper, but no offers on the boxes. I ordered the set of all 3 for $2.25 postage and a $.34 stamp (it'll be $.03 more after June 30).

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