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    WM Finally got the Han/Chewie wave, but...

    My local Wal-Mart finally got the Han/Chewie/Obi-Wan/etc figures in, however, there was apparently a scalper standing there waiting for them. According to a friend of mine who works there, he bought ALL of the new figures, and was later spotted selling them IN THE PARKING LOT.

    This just kills me. Do scalpers have no soul?

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    You are correct. You should look in other threads about scalper talk and what they are know to do.
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    You should have beaten him down or at least reported him for re-selling their merchandise in the parking lot.
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    Next time u go, take a baseball bat with you. If you see him or anyone else doing it, wind the bat around their ear-hole.

    B'Stard Scalpers.
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    Yes, violence is a wonderful alternative.

    Just ignore the guy, and have a friend help you look for the figures you want. Eventually the guy's going to run out of luck, and he'll have to return his figures in order to eat.

    But notifying security is always a good thing, too.
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    Scalper 1
    Collector 0

    I'm about to head out and hunt for some toys tonight, so I'll see if I can get some for the good guys.


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