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    Angry Why can't we get Marmit quality 12" figures from Hasbro?

    With all the lip service Hasbro gives about caring about its customers and the quality of the Star Wars products, why can't they make 12" figures of the same quality that the Japanese company Marmit is able to produce? If nothing else, why can't Hasbro find a way to import these things so we can get one for under $100?

    For those of you unfamiliar with Marmit 12" Star Wars figure kits, they are basically figures that you assemble yourself and they come with super accurate outfits and super poseable bodies. They are only made in Japan and they retail over there for about $70. You can find them in the states but will usually have to pay $120-$150 per figure kit.

    Here is a comparison pic of the full assembled Marmit Stormtrooper figure compared against Hasbro/Kenner's 1997 12" Stormtrooper figure. The shot of the Marmit doll is the actual toy, not a lifesize prop. Click the picture to see what a joke Hasbro's line of 12" figures is.
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    The Marmit one blows away the hasbro one, as reflected in the price I suppose.
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    I've said it before....

    MARMIT make the ONLY good 12 inch Star Wars figures on the market!

    Sure Hasbro has lucked out with a few 12 inch scale figures. But if you want TRUELY exceptional 12 inch SCALE figures MARMIT all the way. Marmit also makes:

    Boba Fett
    TIE Fighter Pilot

    Rumored to be in the works is:

    Darth Vader

    I would also like to see:

    Clone Trooper (Lemon, Strawberry AND Vanilla)
    Clone Trooper Pilot

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    Entertainment Earth is accepting pre-orders for Vader and the AT-AT Driver.

    There are two versions of the Sandtrooper also, orange pauldron and white pauldron. Each one comes with different accesories too so it's not like they just repainted the pauldron and re-released it.

    My dream Marmit figures would be:

    Biker Scout
    Clone Pilot
    Royal Guard

    Although the first Ep2 figure we will probably see will be Jango Fett since they'll just rework the Boba Fett model.
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    Basically Hasbro is cheap.

    I would love to get a Marmit Royal Guard though.
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    Yes, Hasbro is cheap, but it would not cost them any more money to have their 12 inch scale figures sculpted more acurately, with normal sized heads, and appropriate body proportions (like say their already existing G.I. Joe bodies!). The upcoming Count Dooku figure seems like a step in the right direction, but they're still gonna have to redo all the rest of the characters to win me over! I think companies like Sideshow Toys, Dragon, and BBI (and even 21st Century to some extent) have more than proven that you can do great looking, highly detailed, realistic looking 12 inch scale figures for far less than $100! Most of the figures from these companies are even under $40! Sideshow's figures can usually be had for under $30! Hasbro has NO excuse in my opinion.

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    Vote for a 12"-section!
    Originally posted by JediTricks
    Vote on the poll so SirSteve can be absolutely sure and we can get this finally done:
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    I have never seen a marmit doll till you posted this. I'm now going to buy them all. boba fett is first

    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

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    Be aware the the Marmit do take a little bit of time and skill to assemble; but I think rebelscum (the site I got the Marmit Trooper pic from) has instructions somewhere.

    I do know that a hair-dryer or a heat gun is essential in assembling them correctly (to soften up the vinyl parts so they don't tear).
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