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    Do you like the new Lord of the Rings figures?

    I just found them today at Wal-Mart, and, in my opinion, they're not bad figures for the money, but I was expecting so much more. I thought the RealScan (or whatever it's called) technology was supposed to give us perfect likenesses of the actors. Sure, these figures resemble the actors, but a good sculptor could have done so much better. Maybe they would look a lot better if the faces were molded in flesh-tone plastic? Anyway, I'm slightly (but not entirely) disappointed.
    Thomas Lane

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    they're ok. The shadow rider guy is pretty cool, but the likeness of the Sam fig blows, IMO. The others are decent - nothing that really screams out!

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    They remind me an awful lot of the X-men movie figures. I don't think highly of this line, and it's NOWHERE near the quality of the Toy Vault line (which I don't collect either, but only because I'm not a major LOTR fan and they're quite hard to come by).
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    In other words, wait 6 months and the figures will all be on clearance for $3 each.
    I did end up buying the 4 hobbits (Sam, Merry, Pippin, Frodo). The figures look decent (except Sam), but they are all one pose wonders. The only usable articulation is at the shoulders and writsts. It is very difficult just to get them to stand up. The paint jobs are very good, but most of the swords are bent. They look a lot better than the previous line (was it Toy Vault?) but don't have anywhere near the posability/playability.

    One of the packages also came with a fairly cool looking orc, but with a severely bent sword, a mask/helmet that broke when I tried to place it on his head, and ankle articulation that is completely useless because there is no knee articulation.

    I guess for the price I shouldn't complain too much (5 figures for $25), but how much more could it possibly cost to produce figures that can stand up? Also, what's with the huge packaging? They could probably have cut $1 off the cost just by going with typical action figure packaging (blister on card).
    Thomas Lane


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